The Mother’s Day Conundrum..

My Mother is my mother – so in theory, I should send her a gift for Mother’s  Day – that’s a given, even if its only an extra long phone call 🙂

What worries me though – and this is all altruistic –  is where the wives, the sister who is now a mother,  the aunts and the girlfriends fit. The wife, or official girlfriend is a critical case in point;  they are not your mother, and they usually do not have children who are old enough to get them gifts for the day – but they do have the influence and ability to make the day horrible for one….

So do we,  in the interest of peace because we love them soo much, assume the responsibilities – which leaves us blokes even more confused  – or do they simply chin up and wait till their own children grow up and get them gifts? Is there even a category for prospective mothers? Or does it really matter?