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It has been aeons since I was tagged.  Apparently Esco thinks we are stylish and versatile as does Jaycee… Versatile? Maybe.. Stylish? Definitely not.. Just ask the girlfriend… So here goes…

  1. My wardrobe is composed entirely of blacks, greys and whites – except for two shirts that were imposed on me in January by you know who…
  2. I am an Adult Child of Practising Preachers  – I’m not quite the quintessential preacher’s kid although even I would admit I have my moments..
  3. My mother’s first degree was in English – and she still corrects my text messages till date (which is why I do not send her a lot of them).
  4. The first non-explicitly Christian song I ever sang was A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack. Blame it on a TV-starved, ultra conservative childhood.
  5. I love chilling to music… I once had Brooke Fraser’s Shadow Feet on repeat for close on three straight days… I’ve had Steve Fee’s When Everything Falls Apart on repeat today..
  6. I’m a Football Manager addict player. Interestingly, I have a new pal at work who I connected with over Football Manager. These days we swap in-game stories over lunch..
  7. My one moment of fame was being handed the role of the Magi bearing Myrrh in our Children’s church theatrical adaptation of ‘We Three Kings’ for Christmas back in the day. That has not prevented me from fantasizing about playing lead guitar at a live gig before 2020.. Fat chance I guess, but hey I can dream…

Tagging? I’m not sure who has done this and who has not.. So.. feel free.. Run with it.. Its therapeutic..:)

#30daysofTruth: Day 2 – Something I love about myself..

Something I love about myself – This was always going to be one of the harder posts to pull off. I’m naturally hard on myself and am often self deprecating – false modesty – as someone once said.

If there’s one thing I like about myself, its my ability to discretize a problem – to massage a problem till its broken down to its simplest building blocks. It’s useful at work where I often have to come up with solutions to complex problems, and sometimes with people – when I need to understand them. There are downsides, but this is one ability I’ll not trade for anything else. 🙂

#30daysofTruth: Day 1 – What I hate about myself..

Looking at me from afar, its hard to see what I should hate about myself. In general, I’ve had a good life – so far- and quite a number of people usually conclude that I’ve got nothing to not like about my life. Truth though is I am slowly finding out that I am increasingly disconnected from the real world and people in my life. I blogged briefly about the issues in un-learning solitude, but daily I find myself drifting, becoming increasingly cynical and building walls between myself and the world.

I hate that; deep in my heart I long to go back to my halcyon days of laughter, of being the good son, the bloke making good use of his opportunities and all.. So there it is – I hate my disconnection from the world…. I may just have gone too far though..

#30daysOfTruth: Day 0

I told The Friend I wanted something to occupy me all December….Bar the first two weeks of December – when I get to wrap up multiple work projects – I will be lazing around on an extended holiday… She knows I have a thing for writers… and writing…. and that I’m more comfortable writing stuff than saying stuff… So we thought I’d blog every day for sixty days.. First thirty will be following the 30 days of truth meme over at Hope Blog; the next thirty… I’m yet to decide… Hopefully, its therapeutic…. Even I am slightly concerned at what I might see when I begin to dig beneath the surface of me….

So this is to 30 consecutive days of blogging… Hopefully I survive it…

You know you are a chronic bachelor when…

You know you are a chronic bachelor when…

  1. People at more than two diners know you on a first name basis – clearly you have eaten out sooooo much that you are now an honorary share holder.
  2. The favorite inside joke among your friends is about how ‘easy’ your wedding will be – no need to seriously chase a little bride or a little groom as friends daughters and sons will provide that.
  3. The scrawny little kid who used to run around naked in the streets, plastered with sand has now morphed into a delectable mid-twenties chic, and she pitches in once in a while about wanting to chop your cake!
  4. You get unsolicited email addresses and phone numbers from your peeps. They have decided to take matters into their hands by bombarding you with options.
  5. Your father jokingly reminds you of how he met, chased and eventually married your mother. Sadly that is about as subtle as HE can get!
  6. You get quizzed about any girl you are remotely associated with. Even the one who owes you money and only dropped by to negotiate the payment terms!
  7. The Uncle who has not spoken to you in aeons suddenly invites you over for a family vist three times in a month and takes you on a cruise to singles church. Mr sharp man uncle is trying to showcase your talents to the crouching wolves and hoping your bachelor tinted eyes will suddenly wake up.
  8. Your favorite aunt snatches her baby bag from you whilst you are trying to help pack up after a family night out. Her argument is that she doesn’t want anybody to think you are either married or a single father.
  9. You are suddenly analyzing the pros and cons of taking the chase online.
  10. When you and your friends meet up after long absences they eventually pop the question. ‘Soooooo, gist me, what has being happening to you’. Oh and they don’t mean work!



First off a big shout out to all the peeps I met with or spoke with during my trip to Nigeria – Doug, PoeticallyTinted and Naughty Eyes. You peeps made the calisthenics of moving around Lagos less torturous.. Dante, I dey vex big time.. We go ruff things when next I enter LasGidi.. Mscheeew.. Hmmm.. Belated birthday wishes too to Funms of the paused journey…..No do anyhow o!!!!

Thankfully, you peeps didn’t ask me any really hard questions, so here are the answers..You’ll not get under DB’s skin ever again.. So savor the moment.. LOL

There were a number of age related queries from Nefertiti, ReadyDee and Original Mgbeke. In all my many years on earth I have yet to meet a young lady who answered directly a question on her age. Are there different rules for guys and girls on this one? Anyways,  I will answer with a riddle, and a fact that you can google to come up with the answer.. Or maybe at the very end I will oblige.. We’ll see.

I’ve lived in four decades, but I’m not 40…….Was old enough to remember Maradona scoring the hand of god goal against England at the Mexico ’86 World Cup. Plus I  was born 2 days before two Aeroflot planes collided over Ukraine, killing 156 people.


Gee had a bunch of questions, but since she only seriously asked one, one it is. Why did I start blogging? Back in ’06 I needed to deal with a whole lot of hurt. I talked about it in my the truth about Di post. I talked to a friend, who advised I journalled, I googled journalling and found out I could do it online via a blog, and I started my old blog-city blog. Eventually started off a blogger blog in 2007 and the rest as they say is history

Aloted had a question about my teenage years, peer pressure and if I survived it, as well as wanting some words of advice for the younger dudes. I managed to survive as a teenager, but I capitulated big time as a young adult.  My rep preceeded me to University, plus my folks were pretty well known across the state in the Christian student community, so fellowship ‘big boys’ were lining up to take me under their wings. I also got involved in my fellowship pretty quickly, so the visibility kind of helped keep things in check. Had friends – but most of them were chaps who were born and bred right but who had slipped along the way, so they realized the importance of what I had. Aside of the odd occasion, peer pressure was non-existent for me.

Got my dream job at 23, away from everyone who knew me and my past and a sense of adventure kicked in.  Still didn’t smoke and drink but when the occasional opportunity to get intimate came up I jumped at it.

Three things I would recommend to a young man

  • Understand for yourself the reasons behind whatever prohibitions you have acquired.
  • Surround yourself with people of like minds who can re-inforce them
  • Ensure you are in at least one relationship of accountability – someone who can ring you up at any time and ask the hard questions as required..


Bumight was curious about the source of the theOOhj moniker and wanted me to describe her in 50 words. Well, Nothing sublime here. I played every incarnation of Football/Championship Manager since 2001. I used to start off in Italy, and I needed an Italian name to fit my persona. theOOhj jumped to mind – sounded Italian, I added Danny cos it sounded nice alongside theOOhj and it sounded a whole lot like my real life nickname from back in the day.. Found out eventually that it’s a region in Italy, so it might have come one of them romantic novels  I read as a kid. I  dunno. The description – when I get my muse to hammer out an acrostic, I’ll deliver.

Naughty Eyes had a slew of questions

  • Why I’m still single? I’ve always being a one girl dude, and I had Di for a large proportion of my life, so I basically wasn’t looking. After Di, there was the girl from Med School who thought we needed to stay just friends, then there was the lawyer who was a shrink job gone awry….. Lawyer was an old mate from secondary school and after she broke up with a guy after 7 years, I listened to all her rants and raves and basically shrinked her. She had ideas, I didn’t and I didn’t bite.. Right now though, I’m half way through a year’s hiatus – taking time out to understand what the undergirding axioms for a successful marriage are. We’ll see what happens at the end of that..
  • Why do good girls love bad guys? A messiah complex maybe – or maybe at heart girls are intrigued by all the things and experiences a bad guy brings to the table.. Or maybe the good guy totally lacks swag? I dunno.
  • Any connections with the Mafia? Of course, why would you doubt that.. LOL
  • With the rate oil prices dwindle nowadays, any future in the Petroleum industry? I’d say there is bruv. I mean i bet almost 23,000 pounds that there is one.. I know a number of oil majors use prices in the region of 14 dollars a barrel as their long term planning number. The slump in prices just affects the viability of a number of less conventional oil and gas resources – deep offshore, tight or shale gas type developments. Renewables are far from having the efficiencies required to compete favourably with fossil fuels.. I know I still have at least another 50 yrs in the pipeline industry!
  • Need your advice on a future course of study: Geophysics or Software Engineering (which has a brighter future a.k.a. more money)? Well.. I’d say money depends on how well you chase whichever option. The geophysics thing seems to me like chasing a job, while on the software side of things it should be possible to knock together a few partners and set out on your own. I know a couple of dudes who went down the software route and are doing just fine at the moment.
  • Has there been any time you’ve been tempted to say, “Aw, sod it!” and walked out on Blogville? Yeah.. Several – I walked away from my old blog-city blog (but then no Nigerians read it) just a couple of Caucasians who were probably only interested in the emotions behind the words I wrote. I used to have a blogger blog – under my real name – which I deleted in October. Unless something major happens to me now though I doubt I’ll walk away completely, especially because I have begun to see a number of viable opportunities for truly global collaboration.
  • What is so addictive about Soccer video games even after we have played all the teams and won all the virtual tournaments (considering I actually dislike the sport in real life) Bruv – I wish I knew.. I’ve kicked my own Football Manager habit though.. and replaced it with more blogging and reading!
  • Is there any need saving the world? Laudable ideal bruv, unfortunately you and I cannot save the world.  Be that as it may, I think we have the world on trust and our activities have the greatest influence on its long term sustainability – unless the apocalypse occurs of course.

Ready Dee also had a slew of questions.

  • Have you ever lived in the southwest region of Nigeria? If yes, for how long? I served the FatherLand in Kwara State back in ’02/03 if that counts – plus I spent quite some time supporting deepwater assets out of Lagos last year..So I would say yes to that.
  • Would you give up blogging if someone dear to you asked? Tough call.. but if I understood the rationale behind it I could, if i got some concessions in return like more ‘US’ time.
  • Have you plans of returning to and settling back in Nigeria? Yup. Still technically have my old job in Nigeria. I only left Nigeria to chase my Msc – I plan to head back sharply in October this year.
  • Would you disclose your real id on your blog (just for the sake of doing so)? I used to blog as my self in the past, there really is no reason why I couldn’t do it if I wanted to… I came close to anyways after my cousin bust my bubble – but guess some mystery is fine anyways..

An anonymous e-mailer, Buttercup and Original Mgebeke wanted to know what other characteristics Mrs DB needed aside of the well documented Akara making prowess…

  • A worldview that is consistently congruent with mine: faith, religion, beliefs, practices, customs and traditions. God used to be the nexus of my life, before I went on a detour for a few years.  As of March 09, I took concious steps to close the gap.. I’m slowly getting there. And Mrs DB has to be at least be on a similar journey to finding God. I’d expect Mrs DB to be a Christian, one who is committed to living out her faith on a day by day basis in her real world, not just in the closet. The whole world view thing affects the way we behave, and knowing that we think off the same premises gives me confidence that we can reach mutually inclusive conclusions on issues which are bound to come up.
  • Same sense of long term direction: For me I know long term that my life is about making a difference in the area of collaboration & mentorship (using the different skills and knowledge that individuals in my world have acquired separately to contribute to the life of younger people). So I know that there are conferences that I will host in future, there are projects that I will chase and all that kind of stuff. Its critical that she can understand what drives me in that direction, and a congruent worldview is a big part of that.
  • Intelligence and the ability to cogitate on the axioms of life and relationships. I’d expect Mrs DB to be intelligent – not a 4.5/5 GPA intelligence (that would be fine though), but that ability to discuss on a wide range of issues, to understand-the-principles-behind-stuff kind of thing. Hmmm… mixed up tenses do not do it for me at all… An appreciation for the arts – Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer and Soyinka – and a dose of apologetics would be a real plus.
  • A good personality: temperament, character, attitudes, communication skills: I’d expect Mrs DB to have a warm, possibly bubbly personality. Somehow I’ve been blessed to have only had that refreshing mix of spiritual yet not stuck up peeps in my life, and I want to keep it that way. I’d like Mrs DB to be someone who can talk to me if she’s got an issue, not get on a high horse and expect me to somehow miraculously detect that she’s hurting. Guess I’m as emotionally daft as they come!
  • Focused and driven to succeed: I’d expect Mrs DB to have a life aside of me.. Something that keeps her driven and something she succeeds at that I can contribute to.  Marriage to me should be a symbiotic partnership, where both parties far exceed their individual abilities cos of the influence of the other.
  • An acceptance of the importance of family: I’m really close to my siblings and we talk a lot on many things.. its critical that it continues, albeit in the proper context. They’ve been there for me, and I need to be there for them too.. Albeit they fill out a lower priority. Mrs DB shall be numero uno, but depending on criticality she will have to realize that resources and time may be required to help out siblings.
  • A general acceptance of the principles of complementarianism in marriage: With some caveats though, I truly believe that there are roles for men and women in marriage. While the bible sets out the primary roles – loving a wife and submitting to a husband- in marriage, the secondary roles are reversed. Truly loving someone implies placing the loved one above oneself which has an element of submitting one’s need to the needs of the loved. Submission can only occur if there is enough love for the one submitted to in the first place. And that has to be earned. So while I agree in principle, I think there’s more to it than just the whole love/ submit argument.
  • A Nigerian – or at least able to empathize with the Nigerian ethos.. Cos my life is inexorably linked to Nigeria.
  • I must find Mrs DB totally titillating: I must find attractive – not just skin deep Halle Berry type attraction – but a whole life attraction. Such that even when the physical attributes fade, I can still relate to her on a deeply personal level.

Anonymous e-mailer had a number of other questions

  • Do I really have grey hair? Yup – two strands only… Except that i keep my hair so low these days that to all intents and purposes they are non- existent.
  • How many books do u read in a day? Whole books?? None.. Currently read a chapter of a non-academic book daily as part of my sleeping off routine.

Original Mgbeke had a few other questions

  • How tall are you? Original Mgbeke : 5-11 last time i went for a Medical
  • Do you have any absolute turn offs in a female? Yup quite a few… key one is that I can’t stand a nagging attitude, if we goofed on sommething, let’s admit it and find a plan to come out of it. No point reminiscing about it for like forever. I can’t stand a ‘know it all’ attitude especially when its obvious its so contrived.
  • How are things with the faith? Are you a born again Christian? Guess my old ‘About Me’ was the classic description. Born right, bred right, had a truly emotional God connection at 11, before i made a detour into the way of all flesh a few years ago. I made sorting out that one of my priorities for 2009. Only in March did I finally realize how far I’d gone, which prompted this post. Thankfully this post by Jaycee brought me to a place where I needed to take a descison. And I think I made the right one.. As Pastor Paul Adefarasin once said, I’m now God’s son, but only in the flesh – Got issues, but making progress with closing my gaps..
  • Apart from being a tried and true GEEK and blogging, what other things really interest you, DB? First off I don’t agree I am a Geek — whatever that means.. I just think I’m different. Guess thinking on the subject of life, playing the odd PC game, talking to my small circle of close peeps, trying my hand on different literary styles for the fun of it and Liverpool FC are the key interests I have.
  • The generic 5 year plan question… Well.. the 5 yr plan is  my plan… Sets out my near term (1 yr) and medium term (5 yr) goals each December. The next 5 yrs for me are critical.. I should finish my Msc this year, get my dream job back, possibly start chasing THE ONE in the 4th Qtr of this year…get married in 2011… Renew my Professional Memberships, take a couple of exams, learn french, get a career move in 2015… Lots of stuff

ButterCup had a few questions too..

  • What do you regard as the best thing that has happened to you? Several candidates — but overall it would have to be growing up in the house I did. At the time I thought my folks were uber harsh (I actually still have sketches from a book I started writing back in the day that I titled When Silence Was Golden – lol) and all that ish but looking back I can see they were under very intense pressures themselves and they inculcated characters into me that have helped me go as far as I have in life.
  • What do u think is/are your best quality/ies? Hmmm… My friends think I listen and I can genuinely relate to the stuff they share, plus  I give fairly decent advice. I think I have the ability to detach myself from a situation, no matter how complex and it helps me devise a solution most times.
  • If you were to live anywhere in the world, Nigeria excluded, where would you choose and why? Hmmm, would probably be Canada, some family friends went to Canada when I was very young and sent back pictures of snow and I told myself I would go there some day.. More recently I came close to taking up offers in the UK and the US.. Was admitted to the Queensland University of Technology back in ’02 but my job came and I opted to work instead, so Australia was also an option at some stage. Ultimately I think if its not Nigeria, its Canada — extremes maybe but it works for me.. LOL…
  • Hugs or kisses? (lol I saw this in some meme on fb) Can’t I have both? Guess hugs are more mesured and less obvious than kisses.. So I’d go for them if I had to choose. LOL..

Nice Anon asked a couple of questions…

  • With regards to the 5 year plan, do you think you have achieved most of it? Well.. I started a new 5 yr cycle this year.. I’d acheived the bulk of the last cycle except getting an Msc (which I now have started) and getting married. Current 5 year plan has key items as I have referenced in my comments to original mgbeke’s question. They are all achievable, albeit with a significant amount of energy input..LOL..
  • Have you gotten around to telling your FB crush that you like her? Remember no dulling! Well, FB crush is dead and buried I think.. We actually talk, quite a bit, and she’s cool, checks all the boxes and all that but there’s a guy I know who’s in the mix plus I had the unfortunate task of shrinking her early this year (two cardinal things that force my hand to migrate her into the just friend’s category). Short answer is we’re friends, but that’s where it ends…especially cos I’m taking a hiatus from the dating thing till the end of this year…

The curious case of my not so idiopathic insomnia and two memes


Its almost 2am and I can’t sleep… Some dude got me mightily worked up this evening and my vexation almost  knew no bounds.. That prompted me to spew my shortlived rant, which I’ve thankfully deleted.  Sowwrry for over exciting you over nothing. I’m over it now anyways…Since I am awake, I might as well do these memes that have been hanging over my head for a whiles now.. First off Naijababe tagged me in February and then both Tigress and Poeticallytinted tagged me with the honest scrap award fairly recently. Since Naijababe’s list is lonnger than 10 items, i will take that as a neccesary and sufficient condition to claim the honesty award! Here goes…

I have unilaterally decided not to tag anyone.. Cos all these memes are sthng else! Errr… the first seven people to read are tagged!

Where’s ur cell phone? – On my table
Where’s ur significant other? – Dunno? Missing? Still looking – Take yr pick!
Your hair colour? – Kwashiokor brown from eating too much sphagetti and too little beans!
Your mother? – Asleep of course!
Your father? -Ditto
Your favorite things:  My HTC TYTN II
Your dream last night? Too serious to dream
Your dream goal? Pipeline Technical Authority at an oil major by 2015
The room you’re in? The absurdly tiny campus room that costs more than my my entire house in 9ja. Mscheeew
Your hobby? Football Manager on my lappie, Shakespeare and stalking blogs
Where u wanna be in six years? Houston, Texas or Calgary, Alberta
Where were you last night? In my bed of course!
What you’re not? Snobbish
One of your wish list items: A certified akara maker!
Where you grew up? Somewhere in the jungles of the NigerDelta
Last thing you did? : Send an email
What are you wearing? –Errr u don’t want to know.. Trust me..
Your pet: None.
Your computer? Dell Inspirion D620
Your mood: Sober, Slightly pensive
Your car? Sold
Something you’re not wearing? A facecap
Favorite store? Primark — Cheap I know.. but functional…
Your summer? Dunno
Love someone? I think so…
Your favorite colour? Sky blue — of the Manchester City football club home strip ilk and Red – YNWA
Last time you laughed? Over lunch
Last time you cried? 12 March 2009, before then sometime in 2003
Are you a bitch? Obviously doesn’t apply
Favorite pastime: Shakespeare + a tall glass of milk + a pack of tortilla chips – heavenly
Hater or lover: Depends on the context
Genuine or fake: Genuine — Typically
Any vices? – Caring too much abt peoples feeling to my own detriment sometimes
Pro life or wire hanger: Depends on the context!
Mccain or Obama: Err.. any of them on the PDP platform?
Pro-plastic or natural: Dunno.. Update (due to popular demand) ne pas être dans de nombreuses situations où j’ai eu à choisir
Dream job? Chilling on my yatch somewhere in the Carribean

As I have already done the 25 things and the 2 truths 1  lie memes I’ll just leave it at that….

The 25 random things meme…

Did this silly meme on Facebook a while back…..Just tot to share it on here too….

1. I’m left handed… and that has always made people think I’m smarter than I really am..

2. Had perfect vision until I was struck by a soccer ball directly during a game.. Still took me another 10 years before I accepted to use glasses – and that was only because I failed an eye test during a routine medical at my last job.

3. I used to have these peculiar nose bleeds for no reason when I was young, grew out of them eventually…. Never got to know why they occurred by the way…

4. Used to have a slight stutter when I was much younger.. Still stutter occasionally when I get way too excited….lol

5. I’ve fantasized about going to Canada since I was 11. A friend of my parents emigrated there in the early 90s and sent back pictures of the family in snow.. And I made up my mind there and then I would go there too. Still haven’t made it out there though.. lol..

6. I used to be addicted to peanut butter. For want of anything to do over Christmas, I rediscovered my love for it.

7. I typically take a long time to decide, but when I decide, I usually stick with it all the way..

8. Was completely apolitical before I started blogging and reading blogs.. Still only an armchair politician only though…

9. I’m addicted to Football Manager – I’ve played every incarnation since Championship Manager 01-02. And my introduction to it came from another one of my pet peeves which is………

10. Listening to the BBC World Service – back in the day before my father had the money to buy a DSTV decoder, my kid bro and I listened to the BBC World Service for news of our beloved Liverpool. We actually saved up money to buy cassette tapes which we used to record the commentary for play back if we were going to miss it “live”.

11. I loved Chemistry growing up, wanted to be a Process Engineer, but my mum got the area scholar, a guy we called the artful dodger due to the number of times he escaped from impossible situations, to talk me into Mechanical Engineering, from which I have digressed into Pipelines…

12. I’m very into spreadsheets —- I have spreadsheets that track what I buy or plan to buy, action items I need to close out etc.. Complete with graphs showing percentage completion vs. targets, VLOOKUP tables and macros.. Crazy, I know.. But I do love to relentlessly massage data… Used to have a spreadsheet that I checked every potential date off against… Needless to say, I’ve since chucked it out the window.

13. I like to believe that I have an eclectic taste when it comes to music – rap, hip-hop, rock, some country all work for me…. Currently have T-Bone’s “Name Dropping” and the Mary J Blige/ U2 duet “One” on everlasting repeat on my HTC phone, as well as occasionally listen to some Natasha Bedingfield, Newsboys, DC Talk and TobyMac..

14. My friends tend to trust me with the shady details of their lives… And I tend to give them advice which they usually say is useful.. Unfortunately, I do not take my own advice…

15. I’m one of those dudes who take a while to get talking.. But once I get in the groove, there’s no stopping me…..There are still long term friends of mine who could almost bet their sweet lives and their year’s salary that I “don’t talk”.

16. I’ve read “The Complete Works of Shakespeare.. My mother’s copy was lying around the house for like forever.. So one holiday between JSS3 and SS1, I finished it.. Don’t think I understood much of it.. I sure loved his Sonnets though..

17. I’m currently reading (or trying to read) my school books, Max Lucado’s “Come Thirsty”, Obama’s “Dreams from my Father” and Charles Dickens “David Copperfield”. Wonder how I’m keeping up with all of them at the same time though..

18. I’m not exactly a movies person – but in the last few months I’ve watched / re-watched “A walk to remember”, “27 dresses”, “300”, “Taken”, “The Bourne Trilogy”, “Amazing Grace” and “Another Cinderella story”.

19. I love BMWs — The last car I drove before heading back to school was a Jet Black 3.25i……

20. I’m a bit of gadget freak – especially when they are Windows Mobile devices – went thru a Dell Axim x50v, an Eten E500, an Eten M600 (with GPS) all between 2005 and 2007. Currently chugging along with a HTC TyTn and a HTC TyTn II.

21. Back in the day when I was a Uni student the first time, I was the youngest person in the Tech Faculty, and the second youngest in the Science, Medicine and tech Faculties combined.. This time around, unfortunately, I cannot say that anymore….

22. On my 21st birthday, I drew up a 5 year plan — that had me getting my dream job at 22, an MSc at 25 and getting married at 26… Got the job a year later than planned (no thanks to my SUG Presido friend who shut down the school for a full year) and I’m currently chasing the MSc.. The marriage thing? Erm… I revised the plan..

23. I also wrote a lofty mission statement for my life at the same time.. Needless to say, its been revised so much, it barely resembles the original anymore….

24. My beard is growing grey…Plus I’ve got a couple of strands of grey in the centre of my head.. LOL

25. I talk to myself a lot.. Its a disturbing habit, but i find keeping up a dialogue helps me straigthen out the different sides of an argument.

The 2 truths, one lie meme Results….

Tigress, Good Naija Girl, Jaycee, AbujaMaiden , Olufunke all got the right answers… Unfortunately, yours truly is a back to school dude again, so there are no prizes for guessing correctly.. Maybe if i grab the new job I’m chasing, I’ll hold a celebration party on the moon.. LOL…

1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus. – True. Fortunately or unfortunately I’m was one of those kids who had sharp parents that I was always being compared with.. Thankfully, i decided to chase a different sort of job, else i would still be getting comparisms till date. Naughty Eyes thought we might know each other in real life.. Quite possibly, but then maybe that’s why I’m “the guy next door”..

2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship. – True. Olufunke’s reasoning around this was splendid.. Have to admit that…If it were a more serious matter I’d have said “flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you”… LOL… All my times in those places were on team/ “belle” building meetings with my group at my last job…..

3. I‘ve worn glasses since I was six years old. – False. Good Naija Girl’s reasoning around this had me doubled over…… Wonder what I need to do to sound “bespectacled”…..I do use glasses at the moment, but I only started wearing them a few years back, after I completed the medical exams for my last job….

3 down — 2 to go and Naughty Eye’s Meme…

Completed the 3rd of 5 papers today.. Guess aside of the 2nd one (which had everybody completely fooled), the’ve been ok.. Hopefully results should start trickling in, in a couple of weeks and I’ll be able to know if the distinction thingy is viable or not…  Got tagged on this 2 truths, one lie thingy by Naughty eye.. So here goes…

  1. I spent most of my childhood years growing up on a University Campus.
  2. I’ve spent weekends at Tinapa, Obudu Cattle ranch and on a ship.
  3. I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old.

Edit… Somehow I forgot to tag anyone the first time of asking.. But then maybe that was because I failed to make a note to do that on my spreadsheet…..LOL.. I’m picking comments on my blog at random and tagging ppl as a result.. There’s no “method to this madness…..” So here’s the tag:

  1. Majoram (for reminding me!!!)
  2. Capuchine Baby (Not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but not a bad idea to do it all over again)
  3. AbujaMaiden (Again not sure if you’ve been tagged before, but another go shouldn’t hurt)
  4. Olufunke
  5. Abby
  6. Naughty Eyes (The meme is therapeutic, so go ahead and have another shot…) LOL…..

Guess the rules are very well publicized.. but for emphasis, you have to tell us three things about yrself — two truths and one lie, tag six other people…. and some time in the future, you’ll let us know which was which — after we have guessed our brains up and down…..