Re: 2010

Coming into 2010, it was clear this was the year that could potentially make or break me. Coming off a mid-life crisis in 2009 a nasty break up in 2008 that was finally formalized in 2009, and major changes that seemed intent on tossing my well laid plans aside, I thought four things would be a small number of items to focus on – turns out even those four are a big ask.

Of the four, work’s pretty much gone OK – two months in the bag(nk); healthy eating/ losing weight has been iffy – I registered at a gym and have been there once in two months so far; God and I are still borderline – marginally regressed if truth be told; and the people side has been decent – made up with the elder sister I have had issues with..
Some things to be thankful for.. But more work to be done I would say..

The formula for a perfect wife..

A bride should be five years younger than her groom, should come from the same cultural background, and be the more intelligent of the pair if couples are to have a successful marriage, scientists have announced.

Apparently the critical difference in intelligence is 27%… leading to a 20% increase in the probability of a good marriage. Perhaps eHarmony can include these critical findings in their much vaunted Compatibility algorithm. I have already included them in my spreadsheet!

HT : The Daily Telegraph