Hi, I’m AJ, a Corrosion and Materials Engineer (hence TheRustGeek), Recovering (Spiritual)Prodigal, Enneagram 5/ INTJ and Liverpool FC fan, in no particular order.

Day job apart, I find myself increasingly fascinated by complex systems and risk and also how data science and analytics tools can be deployed successfully in the asset integrity management space which most of my work to date has been in.

Thanks to a Mum who had a significant library of literary classics from Shakespeare to Soyinka, I found books and the escape they can provide. I fancy trying my hand at writing – creative non-fiction and poetry being the primary genres I delve into here.

I’ve also recently started a Newsletter, A Prodigal Abroad, which you can sign up for here, if that tickles your fancy.

Go on, don’t be scared, drop in and say hi.. Or catch me elsewhere on the web.

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