The 25 random things meme…

Did this silly meme on Facebook a while back…..Just tot to share it on here too….

1. I’m left handed… and that has always made people think I’m smarter than I really am..

2. Had perfect vision until I was struck by a soccer ball directly during a game.. Still took me another 10 years before I accepted to use glasses – and that was only because I failed an eye test during a routine medical at my last job.

3. I used to have these peculiar nose bleeds for no reason when I was young, grew out of them eventually…. Never got to know why they occurred by the way…

4. Used to have a slight stutter when I was much younger.. Still stutter occasionally when I get way too excited….lol

5. I’ve fantasized about going to Canada since I was 11. A friend of my parents emigrated there in the early 90s and sent back pictures of the family in snow.. And I made up my mind there and then I would go there too. Still haven’t made it out there though.. lol..

6. I used to be addicted to peanut butter. For want of anything to do over Christmas, I rediscovered my love for it.

7. I typically take a long time to decide, but when I decide, I usually stick with it all the way..

8. Was completely apolitical before I started blogging and reading blogs.. Still only an armchair politician only though…

9. I’m addicted to Football Manager – I’ve played every incarnation since Championship Manager 01-02. And my introduction to it came from another one of my pet peeves which is………

10. Listening to the BBC World Service – back in the day before my father had the money to buy a DSTV decoder, my kid bro and I listened to the BBC World Service for news of our beloved Liverpool. We actually saved up money to buy cassette tapes which we used to record the commentary for play back if we were going to miss it “live”.

11. I loved Chemistry growing up, wanted to be a Process Engineer, but my mum got the area scholar, a guy we called the artful dodger due to the number of times he escaped from impossible situations, to talk me into Mechanical Engineering, from which I have digressed into Pipelines…

12. I’m very into spreadsheets —- I have spreadsheets that track what I buy or plan to buy, action items I need to close out etc.. Complete with graphs showing percentage completion vs. targets, VLOOKUP tables and macros.. Crazy, I know.. But I do love to relentlessly massage data… Used to have a spreadsheet that I checked every potential date off against… Needless to say, I’ve since chucked it out the window.

13. I like to believe that I have an eclectic taste when it comes to music – rap, hip-hop, rock, some country all work for me…. Currently have T-Bone’s “Name Dropping” and the Mary J Blige/ U2 duet “One” on everlasting repeat on my HTC phone, as well as occasionally listen to some Natasha Bedingfield, Newsboys, DC Talk and TobyMac..

14. My friends tend to trust me with the shady details of their lives… And I tend to give them advice which they usually say is useful.. Unfortunately, I do not take my own advice…

15. I’m one of those dudes who take a while to get talking.. But once I get in the groove, there’s no stopping me…..There are still long term friends of mine who could almost bet their sweet lives and their year’s salary that I “don’t talk”.

16. I’ve read “The Complete Works of Shakespeare.. My mother’s copy was lying around the house for like forever.. So one holiday between JSS3 and SS1, I finished it.. Don’t think I understood much of it.. I sure loved his Sonnets though..

17. I’m currently reading (or trying to read) my school books, Max Lucado’s “Come Thirsty”, Obama’s “Dreams from my Father” and Charles Dickens “David Copperfield”. Wonder how I’m keeping up with all of them at the same time though..

18. I’m not exactly a movies person – but in the last few months I’ve watched / re-watched “A walk to remember”, “27 dresses”, “300”, “Taken”, “The Bourne Trilogy”, “Amazing Grace” and “Another Cinderella story”.

19. I love BMWs — The last car I drove before heading back to school was a Jet Black 3.25i……

20. I’m a bit of gadget freak – especially when they are Windows Mobile devices – went thru a Dell Axim x50v, an Eten E500, an Eten M600 (with GPS) all between 2005 and 2007. Currently chugging along with a HTC TyTn and a HTC TyTn II.

21. Back in the day when I was a Uni student the first time, I was the youngest person in the Tech Faculty, and the second youngest in the Science, Medicine and tech Faculties combined.. This time around, unfortunately, I cannot say that anymore….

22. On my 21st birthday, I drew up a 5 year plan — that had me getting my dream job at 22, an MSc at 25 and getting married at 26… Got the job a year later than planned (no thanks to my SUG Presido friend who shut down the school for a full year) and I’m currently chasing the MSc.. The marriage thing? Erm… I revised the plan..

23. I also wrote a lofty mission statement for my life at the same time.. Needless to say, its been revised so much, it barely resembles the original anymore….

24. My beard is growing grey…Plus I’ve got a couple of strands of grey in the centre of my head.. LOL

25. I talk to myself a lot.. Its a disturbing habit, but i find keeping up a dialogue helps me straigthen out the different sides of an argument.

54 thoughts on “The 25 random things meme…

  1. 1,7,14,15…..can't remember having a twin from another mother.
    2, never succeeded in wearing glasses even tho' it always seemed cute to me.
    24, grey (wisdom) is the glory (of the old men). Hmmm, do i sense a man with double glory -strength (young man), wisdom (old man)?


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