Another reason to look before you leap………

Found this piece on the BBC Website that quotes some US research in asserting that women are at a greater risk of suffering health damage from failed marriages than their male partners in suffering. Apparently by studying 276 couples who had been married for an average of 20 yrs, it was shown that women tended to report more depression and to be at a greater risk of showing metabolic syndrome… Whilst the underlying reasons are still not fully understood, some factors considered for being responsible include women’s more complex emotional makeup and their tendency to worry more amonst others.

With physical, collateral damage of this nature though, the more longer term effects might not even count in the long run anyways….. But then the things we do for love

Small wonder Baba Solo talk for Bible say “the way of a man with a maid” na one of the four tins wey tire am for life sef”.