A poem….. and an unusual source of inspiration..

Good Naija Girl posted a poem about (I think) some dudes’ overbloated impression of the effect they have on women folk….Fortunately or unfortunately, I fell headlong into the trap…. Some background: My eminently royal ‘wowo’ness was strolling ‘jejely’ on the road yesterday o, when my eyes locked with some snazzy babe across the road.. Evidently she was as suprised as me, cos the books she was carrying slipped from her grasp…. Like all peeps ‘hounded’ by an overactive imagination, I went ahead to invent a different scenario in my head, that had me being a super cool, unsettling influence..I even gave her a name…. Enjoy…

For Chloe…
Across the road our eyes did meet,
That sweltering, sun splashed day in March.
Did time stand still on Bloomsbury street
As I stepped out of Thistle’s arch?

I don’t know how it made you feel,
I know I felt like time stood still.
My palms went wet, heart beat increased
As though I’d just run up a hill.

You spilled your books, splashed them about,
Your regal pose seemed to all but melt.
A cold sweat seemed to drape your brow,
But did you feel what I just felt?

I rushed across the street to help,
‘I would have none of it’ you said.
A hammer blow never more keenly felt,
I straightened up to let you be.

Your knees seemed weak, your hands they shook,
As you straightened up from the dirt,
Your eyes, they danced, you gave me that look,
Or was I just imagining things?