Life’s Like That..

In retrospect…. Life happens.. With or without our consents…. And in its wake often comes change.. which we by default detest. Over time, we develop safe routines, coping mechanisms and default positions to deal with life – ultimately acquiring some semblance of balance.

Sometimes change is subtle; imperceptibly modifying the place where we are on the continuum of life, instigating minor perturbations – little oscillations if you like – around our equilibrium positions. The pragmatic thing to do then is to try to hold the fort, to resist change and maintain the status quo.

At other times though, change is radical – make that destructive – ripping to shreds the semblance of normalcy that we have settled into and forcing us to ask the ‘why me’ question. This change is frightening, and it can often feel as though all we have laboured for has been washed away in a flash flood.

The good thing though is that life is like a non-conservative vector field for which the closed line integral is not zero. Even when we seem to have come full circle, work has been done in moving us around the field. We have been changed and improved, and can face the daunting challenge of re-starting life with the confidence of the experience garnered the first time out.

Perhaps then calamitous change is good – new wine cannot co-exist with old wine skins – and old structures need to be removed from the state of play for the new to be built.

In many ways, I am seemingly back to Square One… The view from here though is that it is time to go back to the drawing board and retool a leaner, meaner machine!

Bring on the New Life….

21 thoughts on “Life’s Like That..

  1. True talk sometime changes can be quite traumatic, but in the end its all for the better.You've got get new skins to put the new wine in


  2. It appears i NEED to go back to the drawing board myself. I'm not as confident about it as you seem tho…not quite sure if i'm going or coming *sigh


  3. I love the way you structure your posts and the links. Do you have any objection to the G word? All the best in the future, cathartic change is often good only after the dust has settled.


  4. Professor RustGeek has come again o!
    See grammar…..
    Life happens! true talk.
    And you are rigth, new wine and old wine skin no fit 'flow'

    I pray God gives you light, order your steps and give you the newness/wholeness you desire.

    For me, I console myself that God knows how to work ALL things together for our good

    I like your comparing life with the vector filed makes so much sense.


  5. Allow me to laugh…cos I need my physics book by my side as I read this post 🙂

    You are back to square one? Well, when there is life there is hope and indeed better things to come. You would most likely have learnt from the road you've just been through.

    Have a great week ahead…

    BTW…I like the post…


  6. Hmmm, deep. I sometimes feel like the drawing board keeps staring me in the face, but I have found some unique ways of moving on. Life goes on, shebi.

    Thanks for this one, really made me think.

    Hope all is well.


  7. New wine cannot co-exist with new wineskins. But it takes new wine to make the wineskin look old. does it not?

    Something has to prompt the change.

    Calamitous change is good? perhaps.

    But the calamitous change, like in the case of the wine, would be calamitous. The new wine may be wasted, and then, there will be no need for change, for all, or most, would have been lost.


  8. I am a firm believer than change is always good. We may not always like it and it may not always seem so but in retrospect, like you have said, it's all for the greater good.


  9. Thanks for checking up on me…

    Not gone any where, still here, being dealth with by life and all its twists and turns…

    Change, new life…Those are concepts I understand…concepts that I guess have kept me from blogging much..
    Afrobabe…I needed to be Afrobabe at that time, I am glad I had the opportunity to be Afrobabe but then along comes change and you just know you are not that person anymore..
    You may delay the inevitable but it will always catch up..
    Nice writeup..


  10. really felt this. I for one try to resist change the best I can, but ofcourse change happens like it or not. The thing to have in mind tho is that not all change is bad, and your take on the New shows you are handling the changes as best u can, cos at the end of the day thats all u can do right, do ur best and then let God take care of everything else:)


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