Money matters.

It is times like this that I am ‘happy’ that I still am unmarried. My flatmate has this ongoing conversation with his wife. I swear I can tell the whole tale, blow by blow, word by word. They have been married for nearly 15 years, his Nigerian employers passed him over a couple of times for a promotion – piquing him enough to make him quit – with a hefty pay off – and head back to school after relocating his family to Europe.

Now with the MSc in hand, he’s chasing a job. Nothing quite clear cut yet, and Madam is on his case. Nagging him about the various financial commitments she has to meet, for which his funds are not forthcoming.

I cannot tell one way or the other – but perhaps now is the time for them to pull together and see what the extraneous expenses which can be trimmed off are. But what do I know? I am still very unmarried!

3 thoughts on “Money matters.

  1. Marriage (cum love) is a choice (i believe) which often has unpredictable future, based on the differing swings of life's situations. To make it work, one should learn to adapt to each situation with great hope rather than expect strait-jacket plans.

    Wow!!! …that said as if am married. Just an opinion/ a loud expression of personal thots.


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