Money matters.

It is times like this that I am ‘happy’ that I still am unmarried. My flatmate has this ongoing conversation with his wife. I swear I can tell the whole tale, blow by blow, word by word. They have been married for nearly 15 years, his Nigerian employers passed him over a couple of times for a promotion – piquing him enough to make him quit – with a hefty pay off – and head back to school after relocating his family to Europe.

Now with the MSc in hand, he’s chasing a job. Nothing quite clear cut yet, and Madam is on his case. Nagging him about the various financial commitments she has to meet, for which his funds are not forthcoming.

I cannot tell one way or the other – but perhaps now is the time for them to pull together and see what the extraneous expenses which can be trimmed off are. But what do I know? I am still very unmarried!