Dear God, Deliver me from Greggs!

Each morning, my nostrils awake to redolent scents, wafting outward from the Greggs eatery next to my house. Sadly, this particular branch is close enough to allow some of the scents find their way in, but just far enough to befuddle my sense of smell in such a way that I cannot precisely tell which is which.

Some days I can almost bet my sweet life that they are arranging hot piping amala there. At other times, I am positive I have heard inhaled the smell of akara, of moi moi and even party jollof rice! Problem though is there is no way any of these can smell like the above; unless there is a Naija chic surreptitiously boiling her own things on the side..

Clearly, my sense of smell has been compromised by the extreme lack of Nigerian lemms.   Dang I miss my moooommmmmmmmy’s akara!

39 thoughts on “Dear God, Deliver me from Greggs!

  1. …did someone say party jollof rice?

    I am such a sucker for party jollof rice, let me rephrase that, party food in general, including funeral salad.. LOL

    I guess this calls for some investigations eh?


  2. Chai, Greggs used to be a major temptation. Thank God I moved, I would have added some extra kilos by now. But come oo, they con't make all those mede mede. Maybe when they're baking some of their stuff, the ingredients may confuse sha…


  3. OMG I LOVEEE GREGGS! becoz i love all pastrys, and because i bake dm n knw much butter goes in2 it, i knw i shouldnt bt i cnt help it, am addicted!!!


  4. I couldn't stop laughing, moi moi, akara! you sure miss those things! I love Greggs, chicken bake and try to stay away as much as possible because it's addictive, how do you manage with your place near by.
    God help you indeed.


  5. @ Ms. O — Where do I drop the official application then? I've already packed my bags o..
    @Rose — Abi? One sister fit dey boil her rice for one corner since o….
    @Neefemi — LOL.. Not starving.. more like adding one too many kilograms from piping hot steak bake!
    @Favoured Girl – – I agree.. but they reap the dividends – since no akara, i fall on their steak bake too much..
    @Sugarking – abi o, maybe they can add an African cuisine range to their current offerings…
    @Caramel Delight – The temptation is criminal- imagine waking up to all sorts of smells wafting in.. omoboy struggles to complete the morning ablutions these days mehn!
    Richard Offiong's mum used to have a joint in town when he used to play for Newcastle.. I hear they may have moved up north now..
    @Myne Whitman – You know now… Sha the smell is confusing anyways…
    @Blogoratti – LOL.. Abi.. I am lodging an official application pronto since Mgbeks is refusing to supply the profiles of the ones she was 'hawking' a few days back..
    @funkola — lol.. those sausages are criminal… esp the four pack one… chit mehn..
    @fabulo-la — Ahn.. it can't be as that one o…. chei.. .


  6. @Azazel — LOL.. Greggs na one kain advanced mama put..
    @miss b — LOL.. I am fighting tooth and nail to escape the clucthes of the steak bake mehn…
    @Debbie– Might be needing deliverance soon mehn… sometimes I suspect the reason why i wake up very hungry is that I dreamt i ate the steak bake in my dreams…..


  7. mommy's akara? sorry oh. when i am at school, and i miss my mom's food too much, i eat in my dreams… try that for now, till you can get close to the akara lol


  8. @soulchild — lol…very true..
    @hyaw — eat in your dreams.. i' e tried that already… lol.
    @kay9 – na you know o…i want my akara joo…
    @lolobloggs — hmm.. more civilization meaning London I presume… in a short while that will happen….
    @solomsydelle — lol…. feel free joor.. norrin tastes like party jollof rice o…


  9. Lol @ Soulchild pointing out the "hearing" of smell, abeg free my 9ja peeps jo…lol.

    I know the feeling Oga RustGeek, sometimes I can swear that I can "hear" the smell of suya, but its only steak being grilled sumwhr.

    Do find woman when go dey cook, moi-moi on weekends or better still, ask mama for the recipe…lol


  10. LMAO, you berra find your way to Canada…going by Ms. O's cooking blog she will whip it up OR call your mommy and ask her for her akara recipe. It will be a cheaper option. Hahahahha


  11. Can I say I love greggs as well but the last time I was in that side of town; I refused to eat em. It doesn't go well with my figure if you know what I mean lol


  12. when i miss my mom's food so much, i eat in my dream, try it. and try to find out if there is a naija babe quietly running her own things by the side, everything is possible


  13. @Repressed One — Hmm.. I should think about that!
    @Undercover07 – Abi now.. You know every o…
    @tatababe — will consider that..
    @Original Mgbeke — Yup.. Two viable options already I would say.. Plus Mummy's phone call is waaaay cheaper!
    @Dabizniz — That's true.. Google to the rescue
    @sweetnothin' — perhaps that is what I shall do after all… will afford me the opportunity to get some hands on training!


  14. @Spesh — A lil' bit.. Have to agree
    @Musco — yup.. sounds like….we'll survive bro..
    @Olaoluwaotomi – Yes o… It's bound to be a real struggle…
    @Nice Anon — Yup.. It has the ability to reappear in all the wrong places… lol
    @hyaw— Might try that o…
    @Anoda Phase — Yes o… Live amala mehn…. lol…..The steak bake is like cocaine…
    @miss.fab — perhaps, that is the solution…
    @Thirty+ — LOL.. abeg o… Welcome back!


  15. lol, i knw how dat feels , meeen if everything wld just speed up and we can carry our bags and go home. But if u come down this way i cld whip sum of those cravings of urs lol.
    N.B Jollof rice is a speciality


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