You know you are a chronic bachelor when…

You know you are a chronic bachelor when…

  1. People at more than two diners know you on a first name basis – clearly you have eaten out sooooo much that you are now an honorary share holder.
  2. The favorite inside joke among your friends is about how ‘easy’ your wedding will be – no need to seriously chase a little bride or a little groom as friends daughters and sons will provide that.
  3. The scrawny little kid who used to run around naked in the streets, plastered with sand has now morphed into a delectable mid-twenties chic, and she pitches in once in a while about wanting to chop your cake!
  4. You get unsolicited email addresses and phone numbers from your peeps. They have decided to take matters into their hands by bombarding you with options.
  5. Your father jokingly reminds you of how he met, chased and eventually married your mother. Sadly that is about as subtle as HE can get!
  6. You get quizzed about any girl you are remotely associated with. Even the one who owes you money and only dropped by to negotiate the payment terms!
  7. The Uncle who has not spoken to you in aeons suddenly invites you over for a family vist three times in a month and takes you on a cruise to singles church. Mr sharp man uncle is trying to showcase your talents to the crouching wolves and hoping your bachelor tinted eyes will suddenly wake up.
  8. Your favorite aunt snatches her baby bag from you whilst you are trying to help pack up after a family night out. Her argument is that she doesn’t want anybody to think you are either married or a single father.
  9. You are suddenly analyzing the pros and cons of taking the chase online.
  10. When you and your friends meet up after long absences they eventually pop the question. ‘Soooooo, gist me, what has being happening to you’. Oh and they don’t mean work!