Finally a friendly face..

Today Bus 38 yielded a friendly face and that after a whole three months! I had already taken my seat, again at the rear of the not so new bus, plugged into my iPod which has being the only companion worthy of note to me, and settled in- yielding to the waves of nostalgia occasioned by the tunes belted out by the artistes on my play list. She had clambered up a few stops after I had got on – clad in knee length boots, black jeans trousers and a navy blue shirt which seemed a tad bit too large for her lithe frame – pulling in her tow a large box. It seemed obvious that she was undertaking the final leg of a journey.

She seemed to scan the sea of faces, eyes flitting, seemingly hoping to find a face that would at give a hint of welcome. That was usually an exercise in futility – the faces on Bus 38 usually stared blankly, focused on a seemingly distant land. Our eyes met – briefly – but enough for me to catch the faint flicker of a welcome. She sat down surrounded by all the motionless, expression less faces – but the slight smile that played around her lips seemed to suggest that she had found a bit of home.

When I passed her as I clambered off Bus 38 myself – burdened by my own knapsack – all we exchanged was a quick nod – not a lot – but hopefully, enough to let us both know that we had seen a friendly face at last.