Of Exes and Mother’s Angst

Dear Lawwd! Matters came to a head today over SpiriChic. Thing is Mother and I have spent the past few months locked in a mental war – losing it is inconceivable for me, because it would constitue such a loss of face that I couldn’t possibly put my foot down on any thing with her in future.

SpiriChic, one of two young ladies I ever seriously dated, is a certain un-official ex from a few years ago now, whose existence was leaked by a parroting sibling in a moment of crass indiscretion. Said ex and Mother got to meet and hit if off instantly, which should have raised red flags in my mind at the time. My assumption has always been though, that as long as I hadn’t told the parents anything, whatever mother assumes is just that, an assumption.

Fast forward to today, when the subject of my future plans came up, especially with the relocation thingy. Mother proceeded to exhort, cajole and even downright threaten (not quite, but exert a fair bit of pressure anyways) all to ensure that yours truly restarts the broken connection with said ex, who in her eyes is a perfect fit!

I understand her dilemma – she is scared that her son might be captured by a white woman…. Oh well, that’s not in the plan yet!

She smiles………

She smiles;
Pearly teeth
Glistening in
The golden light
Of the setting sun
As it dips
Beneath the trees
That frame this
Swiftly fading vista.
The rings
In her ears
Resonate to
A hidden rhythm
Chiming to an-
Unspoken song –
One that I feel in
The hidden parts of –
My enchanted mind.
Her eyes,
Filled with mirth,
Flit in the shades;
These slowly
Lengthening shadows;
Drawing me
From this earth
To a distant place –
Some vale where
My pains regress,
Where I have been
Only in my
Midnight dreams.
Her hair
Stands firm,
Unfazed by the
Swirling winds,
Defiantly proclaiming
Her pristine-
Her skin –
Ebony black- is
Stretched taut
Like a canvas – kissed
By the gently dropping rain,
And caressed
By the drooping ferns.
The lush green leaves
on which she seats
pale, losing their colour
Acquiring a pallor
Blighted by her light
That floods my sight.
Her feet-
clad in scented sandals
would deign to-
walk this filthy earth.
I, alas
Like a man bewitched
Can only stand-
Enthralled, Drawn-
By THAT smile
that steals my all.