For The Sunday Muse prompt #41 and The Sunday Whirl Wordle 388. Image Source.

Green with a hint of yellow,
the tender tendril pushes past
the strictures of an empty bottle.
Outside, the chill from snow piled high
smothers everything, its weight
like a bland, white blanket
inhibiting life.

The shy and the retiring
do not inherit the delights
of this benighted world, only
the tough who blithely swipe
away civility appear to win
the trial of perception.

But always after night
the day comes; and with it
life reborn, somehow staying whole
in the face of relentless pressure


  1. Carrie V. H. · February 5, 2019

    You have brought out many truths of life from this still life photo! Stunning and cleverly done!


    • TheRustGeek · February 6, 2019

      Thanks Carrie, and a great prompt none the less!


      • Carrie V. H. · February 6, 2019

        I am delighted you like it and have been joining in A J !


  2. Regina Phillips · February 5, 2019

    Very thought provoking. I like the infliction of words to give faith and hope to all us do-gooders.


    • TheRustGeek · February 6, 2019

      Sadly 9 times oout of 10 the brash and the rash ‘win’… We live in hope though 🙂


  3. purplepeninportland · February 6, 2019

    Well done! Your words leave us with hope.


  4. Edwin Rigg · February 6, 2019

    Love your take on this . . . 🙂


  5. colonialist · February 6, 2019

    A creative use of words and image arising from the two challenges.


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