#48. Rememory



Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels, for The Sunday Muse Prompt #48.

Maybe it was the slant
of the light streaming in,
slicing through, as it were,
the haze of yester-year’s detritus;
the half-drawn blind like a mind
stretched thin between leaving
and returning, a face half-turned
towards the memory of lost songs
hovering just beyond the reach
of a quivering tongue, and this
present brooding.
Maybe this is what the
burden of life is. To carry,
buried deep within one’s heart,
the remains of the songs
of one’s youth; until
in a season of re-memory,
they all come back.




Image Source, For The Sunday Muse Prompt #46.

Petal by petal,
life returns to this frigid vista
each one a delicate splash of
colour against a canvas,
bringing life, the way blood
revivifies a face
just in from the cold.
From things once dead,
life springs again, reborn.



For Prompt #45 at The Sunday Muse. Image “Be Free” by Magic Love Crow.

Line by line the silhouette
of an angel rises up,
phoenix-like, in the space
where the prophet’s finger
parts the sand.
This is what freedom is-
the delirious joy
of walking away
from the baying crowd,
the space between the lines
as alive as the lines.