Thankful… for blokes who can relate

Between my two year itch arriving a couple of months early and a plethora of little niggling issues, I spent the last month battling a feeling of malaise. My default response has been to internalise it, suck it up and put on a brave face, but during a phone call with my friend A over the weekend I broke down and let it all out.

I wish I could say all the issues were resolved, but truth is they are not.. There is though the relief finally un-loading the tangled issues to someone who understands brings, and the improved clarity that has resulted. For that I am thankful for top blokes who are interested enough to dig beneath the façade, and then to listen…. If only they also had a wand to wave it all away… 😦

7 thoughts on “Thankful… for blokes who can relate

  1. hmmm… the running somewhere comment now makes sense… wands are great but where is the fun in that… or am i just a battle scars junkie?


  2. 'singing, 'that's what friends are for!'

    lucky you. I see the glaze fall over my friends when i sound like i am about to whine. lol. so we keep smiling and give them the latest sick jokes….


  3. walking the same road at the moment… Sometimes the reponses given feel so cliche you start feeling like Job and then shut up entirely. No point if you know all the answers everyone will give is there?
    Take a holiday, do something new, even better meet someone knew and connect on so many different levels.. If only lives were for rent though, Dido speaks..… to share..
    Sometimes all we need is someone who understands and drops a word to keep us going just for another day


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