Links: 23 Sept 2011

  1. Will this father be prosecuted for defending his family against burglars?
  2. Reclaiming the Gentleman – The SBM approach.
  3. Even nature tears down first, before attempting to rebuild. The plus side to the Australian fires.
  4. A dastardly act, and using social media to hunt the bastards down: Sugarbelly’s blog post, an e-Petition and numerous Twitter mentions.
  5. How About We on the types of women to avoid.
  6. Eugene Cho muses on Troy Davis, the death penalty and what is an appropriate Christian response.
  7. An essay on travelling.
  8. Navigating the “You’re a great guy, but…..” talk.
  9. Looking for the perfect dating age gap? Six is it.
  10. The case for doodling.