What I have been reading [Sept]

Slightly better September again – but I have fallen a lot more behind (5 books behind the plan according to the goodreads widget). Most of my reading is currently being done off my kindle which makes it marginally easier to read too. So here goes:

  1. Hell’s Corner – David Baldacci: Bought after stumbling on an ad on TV (the dangers of daytime TV I guess). Interesting read, especially given my long hiatus from reading spy-y books.
  2. Paradise – Toni Morrison:  My first Toni Morrison book. Loved the attention to detail – one I intend to re-read.
  3. Another Country – James Baldwin: Bought this off the Kindle store on an impulse. It does seem like I am being drawn to the books I read in my youth all over again…

Links: 30 Sept 2011

  1. Printing a car? Odd that the retards who comment on the Daily Mail jump right to dissing the Indians and Chinese in the comments.
  2. Facebook rejigs, again. Tips and tricks to keep things private
  3. Sex and Hygiene, an info-graphic.
  4. Home grown scam; preying on the desire to jet out of Nigeria by all means.
  5. A saddening tale of domestic violence. Where does all the love go? 😦
  6. There’s an app for that. iPhone meets sleep monitoring.
  7. Understanding the Nigerian ‘Middle Class’ – wonder why the earnings limits have been set between NGN75k to 100k – hardly significant earnings I reckon.
  8. Brain reading, quite literarily.
  9. The DTR, a guide via Boundless.
  10. Go out there and make babies. The case for more educated [and progressive] people having more children.