The Abstruse and The Absurd

Got forwarded a link to a video on FB (as usual) for the Diary of a Tired Blackman.  A number of the themes are overstated in my opinion, but quite a number of insights on the whole. Lots of strong language, plus its quite a long one… Enjoy…

16 thoughts on “The Abstruse and The Absurd

  1. hmmmm
    still trying to understand how 3 out of every 4 Brit communicate when in the restroom. I read the rest but i'm still stuck on this one ooo

    75%, hmmmmm
    does this include the old and young or just the generation Y and below

    have a nice weekend


  2. big money big problem, i too wonder why the guy has refused to show up. may
    be he doesn't want to pay tax. maybe he's dead. a lot of maybe's.. i can't imagine all that money going back to the state.


  3. lol. Paul Simms is a nut for that post on friendship. He has to be. How do you have so many damn compartments for the people in ur life. How?

    The lip gloss one…. *Insert a blank look*


  4. RustGeek, you don come again o!
    I tire o!
    lip gloss? loose fat?……………..NO COMMENT
    As we can see the Paul simms carry 'bottle of ogogoro'…….need I say more?


  5. @Kafo.. LOL… I no know o.. I must assume that it is skewed more towards the younger peeps,
    @have you any wool — Err I think I shall start abbreviating this to HYAW – LOL.. The lip-gloss one is promising.. Might put in an order for a few cans of the stuff meself…
    @Nice Anon
    /Trybes/BSNC– My sentiments exactly… Nothing short of miraculous..
    @sunnyside.. LOL.. Maybe the mafia peeps want a huge cut… and have threatened the bloke..
    @solomsydelle — I guess its more a case of obeying the letter of the law rather than applying some common sense.. As long as it did not prioritize the bloke over anyone needing a liver, I see no reason why e can't get one..But then I don't make laws.. sadly..
    @Nefertiti — LOL.. I tire for the guy o.. But I would assume it was an attempt at sarcasm…
    @Olufunke — Ah.. As how? LOL @ 'cary bottle of ogogoro'… Nice one!
    @Teju — Yeah.. will do.. I need to get me a tall glass of milk to follow that blog.. Lots of stuff n there…

    Thanks peeps.. Will b e swing by later..


  6. Women will buy anything the minute you mention "loss of weight"… I can't believe Mick jagger went to LSE…wow…wonder what he studied. lol @ the lottery winner…are they sure he disappeared??


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