Dear Fairy God Mother

Kindly report for duty ASAP. I need my coveralls turned into an Alexander Amosu suit and  my grease tainted steel-toed Redwings turned into  a pair of Berluti’s. Also please place a requisition for a Bugatti Veyron.   While you are at it, please stop by Santa’s and remind him I am yet to receive any responses on my requests for the 11th straight year.

Please be informed, that this is your last chance to prove you exist, else I shall have to take matters into my hands and accept that gruelling 9 to 5!

Eagerly anticipating a favourable response.

Your God Son!

43 thoughts on “Dear Fairy God Mother

  1. If that your requistion for the Bugatti pulls through, i'll be needing a RIDE..LOL

    Goodluck o, may your Fairy God Mother rise from Far Far Away and attend to your demands. 🙂


  2. Danny, so grease stain ur coveralls n work-boots, naim you dey call fairy god-mother, mssseeeww! You should see my own! Abeg go buy packet of Omo sharp-sharp!
    But finally shaa if she reply, abeg just halla me for my ekwe-nti. Ego awufu na-ato ka sweet!


  3. Lolllllllll, smell d coffee and go get that 9-5 fast:) (but just incase she comes through for you, tell her I've been waitng for her forever)


  4. @gochi- will keep that in mind. Lol
    @nice anon- lol. Will do.
    @mulan — lol true. D assumption is if she can deliver this, the bank account is trivial.
    @blogoratti– hmmm true. Absurd but some blokes can afford it. We can only go green.
    @kay9– lol. No shakes, I go buzz u mehn.
    @rene — lol. Sounds like that's d only solution sha. Fingers crossed though.


  5. @ have you any wool– will keep you posted.
    @trybes– amin o! Lol
    @ fdantasy queen — lol. I think I need to start chasing the 9 to 5. If u the fantasy queen don't think it will work.
    @ MissO — u think so? I'll b trying harder then. LOL.


  6. If she replies and delivered, please let her know that i have some buisness for her! We can go for a road trip in your new car to celebrate!


  7. accept the 9 to 5 jare she is going to disappoint

    i like the way you wrote it tho'
    it got mii thinking of the way we Christians treat God, kinda like that, like CInderella's fairy Godmother who is suppose to take all our crap and turn it intl gold


  8. HA! HA!…abeg lemme know if she comes thru…i need a few things miiself and my list isnt even as exclusive as yours…


  9. @Scarlet — You bet.. Will do ASAP..
    @Miss.Fab — I 'm so hoping Fairy God Mother delivers else, yawa go dey o!
    @Sultana — LOL.. Will fax you her details once she replies
    @Kafo — Hmm… I'm holding out for the fairy god mother for now.. Will consider the 9 to 5 after she has failed.. 🙂
    @RepressedOne — LOL.. Better expand your list o… So you can maximize the moment..
    @Miss Kikky — Will do .. No shakes.. You blog seems to have a problem with the Feed – can't view it in my RSS reader… Perhaps you can have a look see..
    @Lara — Will send her your way after she delivers my goods..
    @Sassy — Will keep wishing o… LOL


  10. Lol! Don't hold ur breathe, uncle DB. Fairy godmother found herself a day job. Her godsons ain't paying her enuff, and she gotta stay afloat in this tough economy!


  11. @Tobenna — LOL @ Needing the Veyron.. I am tending to agree.. Not just yet though..
    @LG — Ahn Ahn… As how? Leave me jor!
    @Spesh — Will head over ASAP.
    @Sunnyside — LOL.. Soon enuf, after she delivers on this set of instructions..
    @gee — heeeeeey back… Howdy?
    @Nefertiti — LOL.. For real? She has to demonstrate her usefulness before I pay her anything o!
    @NoLimit — LOL.. At least I don't pay to dream…. You need to cure your Bloggers block ASAP O! Even if it is with KokoMansion gist!
    @Debbie — Nothing o… Will keep hoping against hope…


  12. @Tairebabs — will certainly do.. as soon as she responds
    @Jide Salu – Egbon, thanks!
    @Anoda Phase — Abi? Wishes cost nothing anyways, so I'm free to… Really being a while.. trust you have weathered your busyness now…
    @Kt — LOL… Blushing! Thanks..


  13. @CaramelD — Sadly, I take it that's the only solution then..
    @funms-the-rebirth — Will do.. AFTER she replies my email..
    @Buttercup — LOL….. Being a while!!!


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