The Anatomy of a Blogsville Addiction

Peeps thanks for your best wishes per my birthday.. Pleasantly surprised by the responses..

The information provided below is provided ‘as-is’ for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If in doubt, see your GP.

You know you need help fast when:

  1. You almost sign off a cheque as your blogger ‘self’ – when money no longer forces clarity on you, wahala dey o.
  2. The last time you ‘spoke’ to your flatmate was on Facebook – especially if the bloke is just two doors away. Not good!
  3. Your supposedly ‘favorite’ cousin has to resort to using the ‘Contact Me’ form on your blog to reach you!  – first it is a cardinal sin that your cousin reads your ‘anonymous’ blog, secondly its a major failure that you’re not constantly pacifying him/her.
  4. You live a walking distance from a stadium that hosts Premier League football – but all you want to do is constantly refresh the BBC football page for the latest score and read blogs – it doesn’t get much worse than this.
  5. Your 10+ year addiction, Football Manager, suddenly fails to attract your attention anymore – this seems to suggest there may be a ‘spiritual’ dimension to the whole thing. Call in the ‘Cele ‘ peeps sharply mehn.
  6. When pressed for an example in the midst of a discussion, the first stories that come to mind are from Blogs you read! – this has the added effect of potentially inducing a bizarre condition informally referred to as encephalotisitic fatigitis
  7. The night before your big exam you still create time for blog rounds and you then get into a verbal war of words that extends late into the night – especially when you know the full ramifications of not getting an alpha on that exam! – this one requires serious beating – fan belt/ koboko everything… serious unseriousness.
  8. You see bloggers – who you have never met any ways – in your dreams and you ‘just know’ it is them! Another reason to get the ‘Cele’ peeps on the job ASAP.
  9. You read a post and somehow think it’s a slight on you or worse rather than engage people in the real life you vent your anger on your blog – this demonstrates bloke needs to grow up sharpish……
  10. You start wondering which of the events in your world were blogged about by others in the past or worse you give every one around you the suspicious ‘eye’  – Not everyone blogs, and if they did, it doesn’t affect you..
  11. You wake up and the first thing on your mind is/are the post(s) you need to create.  HT to SolomonSydelle for pointing out the critical omission!
  12. You find it hard to differentiate between your real and virtual friends – HT to Favoured Girl for unearthing this one.
  13. All your current romantic interests are people you have never even seen –we’ll need to add Papa Adeboye to the consortium organizing the prayers to resolve this one. HT to a certain anonymous for unearthing this one!
  14. You spend time on blogger instead of working in the midst of a recession. HT to Original Mgbeke for supplying this one – when the bill paying JOB pales in significance to another activity… Kasala dey try burst be that o….