you bring out the biker in me

Freedom, for The Sunday Muse Prompt #56.

It hovers in the distance
in the space where the edge
of consciousness meets the taste
of remembering. Where air meets skin,
and the sound of living is squeezed
into a high pitched wail
and then regains length, and afterwards
dies as they recede into the distance.
Each bump on the road,
is like a firm word tossed
into the wind, each jar
as like a current shared
between melded parts.
From the distance joy,
delirious in its appearance calls
but here in the lull before the storm
lies a fleeting pleasure, a moment of peace
before the whirlwinds return

8 thoughts on “Freedom

      1. Ah! The conundrum is solved. Fireblossom and Coalblack are one and the same . . . I was wondering who the elusive Coalblack was . . . lol


  1. Exhilarating ride . . . captured beautifully by tour writing:)
    Nice day for a ride, earlier a friend roared down the road on his Harley . . . πŸ™‚


  2. I the line “in the space where the edge of consciousness meets the taste of remembering”., the anticipation of what awaits. Beautiful!


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