For The Sunday Muse Prompt, #61. Photo Artistry by Erik Johansson Master Photo-manipulation Artist.

Slat by slat,
dab by dab this
dream in grey is
being remade into
a sea of blue, its
quiescent skin stretched
tight like a canvas
between the present and
the past where the sky
meets the earth’s lie.
Each slat was once alive,
each cell once bursting
with the pressure of rich
water, drawn by breathing;
air and sunlight entwined
in a dance whose beat
is borne in the body,
from seed to fruit
to seed by rebirthing.
Now this dream of grey,
frozen still, is reawakening
each dab of colour returning
life to where it once was.

Alternate Reality


For The Sunday Muse, Prompt #60. In which I wonder what the reality of what a cat feels is.

What if what we are
Are mere playthings, pawns
roughly hewn from stunted dogwood,
clinging to life in a season
of dearth. What if the feeling
of contentment is a mirage,
a vision of delusion far removed
from the way things really are.
What if what we think
is the beauty of a garland
really is a chain binding us
to a different reality, what if.

Dingin Doon


Photo by Thanun Buranapong on Unsplash

Bar a few days here and there it has been, as we say out here, dingin doon; read wet, cold and windy, emphasis on the wet part. That is is mid-June adds to the slight sense of gloominess that comes with it, a mood which I see replicated in the faces of the people I run into about town, in my view at least. All of that has left me with quite a lot more time on my hands than usual, which for better or for worse has ended up exploring various reddit rabbit holes,  chief of which have been the Thinkpad, ChromeOS and SurfaceLinux ones. They have provided the welcome of distraction of providing the inspiration for me trying to replace Windows on my old Thinkpad Tablet 10 with either Linux or ChromeOS. Both have been qualified fails – a debloated version of windows currently serves me passably on the device -but the ultimate goal would be to replace it with something zipper and functional, à la this attempt. I suspect the search will continue, albeit at a hopefully less time intensive pace.  In between all of this, I managed to fit in some time out with the guys from work, a decent enough evening the only black mark against it being the aforementioned bucket loads of rain.

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By Degrees



For The Sunday Muse prompt #59, Photography by Carlo Pautasso.

Plucked by its roots
from a place where it once
was whole, it lies now alone,
the brightness of its petals
a splash of hope stark against
the blandness of everything.

The shadow of an impending end
stretches from the future into
this space between The Living
and the bleeding out of life
but till it comes, life lingers still.