The weekly wrap Oct 14, 2011

  1. SBM muses on five things every man should know about women
  2. Two Michigan State University Professors  make the case for Skype weddings
  3. Getting your personal space signature, for only $300?
  4. RIM loosing their marbles?
  5. The first openly gay Presbyterian pastor ordained.
  6. Qwikster dies qwikly..
  7. Justin Taylor  shares an excerpt from the Arthur Ashe memoir
  8. The case for NOT giving head?
  9. Innovative sustainability? Building energy efficient buildings from bottles.
  10. Immigrants and immigration on the front burner again: Pragmatism, or merely playing to the gallery of an increasingly hostile host population? Plans also afoot to change the citizenship tests,
  11. The growing furore over Dr Liam Fox’s relationship with Adam Werrity; shady dealings by local councils, the army cutting their nose to spite their face, .. So much for the West being bastions of above-board-ness?
  12. Art, or just plain showoffishness? Child birth as art.

The Way We Once Were…

For the beautiful ones who almost were…

We may never
ever again
be the way
we once were.

We may no longer
dance the cha-cha
and sip palm wine
in the shade
of the coconut palms
as Coltrane serenades
and the sea breezes
ripple through
the flimsy thatch
that breaks the fall
of the gently
falling rain.

We may
now never know
the blessing of the
Old Man’s Libation, or see
his scrawny fingers
split the kola nut
or the unerring aim
of the red spittle
from his toothless gums

in that dark,
quiet place;
beyond the banks
of the Styx
where Forgetfulness,
blurs everything,
we may pretend;
but can’t forget
the delirious Joy
of the way
we once