Links: 07 Oct 2011

  1. Nigeria turns 51, bloggers go on the charm offensive with 419 reasons to love the country. My moan from 2009 still stands regardless.
  2. The 216th Mersey side derby is ‘ruined by the referee’. The inevitable comments about ‘foreigners’ follow.
  3. More from The Good Men Project – traditional gender roles
  4. Amanda Knox walks free – justice or a travesty?
  5. For better, for worse, until two years doth us part?
  6. In her b(rea)st interest? The $1m dollar insured boobs
  7. Shell complicit in military excesses in the Niger Delta?
  8. What’s in a number? Nothing, says the Good men Project.
  9. How the discipline of blogging is a stepping stone to become a good writer.
  10. Giving women the visibility they deserve?
  11. Steve Jobs passes – TIME’s official obituary.