Getting the growlies..

*Grosspost alert*

I wake up with a disturbing case of the growlies. Last night I binged on chocolate flavoured milk, an impulse buy as I trawled the aisles at my local Coop shop sorting out my groceries. The thing is lactose intolerance for me is hit and miss. Some days I can ingest a lot of milk and yet not get any serious symptoms. On other days, even a little has my stomach in cramps and me passing gas.

My situation is exacerbated by the fact I have a 9.00am meeting to rush to at work. The growlies are definitely more than just a minor inconvenience. The problem though is that it usually is more gas than solids, and with time the gas build up makes my stomach rumble, often quite audibly. When I finally make into  at 8.30am, I drop off my bags and head to the restroom to try to get as much of the gas out of my system.

It takes me all of six minutes to get some relief. Amidst all the splatter, I find that the chap in the booth next door is also doing the same. Misery has company after all.