Ninety Days of Solitude…

Between listening to Josh Harris share Tiffany’s story at New Attitude 2004 and listening to the message preached at church last Sunday, I realise there is a lot that needs to change in my life. From being the poster child for the good, dutiful, spiritual one, I have morphed into a self serving, increasingly desperate, relationship obsessed wreck. Albert Einstein is said to have noted that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. From where I stand, that defines me at the moment. I’m deciding to do things different for the next 90 days, to see if I get different outcomes.

There are a few ground rules:

  1. Significantly scale back my Social Media involvement: At the moment, I’ve got both a Facebook and Twitter account alongside this blog. I’m taking this blog private (to record my thoughts over the next 90 days) and deactivating both my Twitter and FB accounts. I suspect that as social media usage has expanded in my life, I have lost control of my free time, and what little real life social skills I used to have are disappearing. So one dimension of taking my life back has to be to scale back on social media.
  2. Engage the Bible and Prayer: If – as my current worldview suggests – the bible is a living,breathing book, then by engaging it on a daily basis, it should begin to affect me profoundly. By coupling it with prayer, I am hoping to break out of the spiritual rut I appear to have gotten in to over the last few year.
  3. Invest in real life connections: I think over the past few years – since I became immersed in my social media life – I have neglected my real life connections in favour of virtual ones. Over time, I think the bulk of the people I have called my ‘friends’ are people I am yet to physically meet, or with whom my engagement has been largely virtual. A measure of how serious this has been is that I got romantically involved with someone who I communicated with primarily over the internet. Changing my results in the rather unfortunate area of my love life dictates that I change my modus operandi to one that is more ‘real life’ than virtual.
  4. Document the journey: Looking back over the snippets of the journal I kept in early 2009,  the way I morphed over the course of the year became very visible. In going 90 days from today, I am looking to document the journey as a reference for the future. Hopefully at the end of it all, I will emerge a better, more complete person.