What not to do on a Monday night..

This is ‘fiction’….

What not to do on a Monday night is to boil beans….. and having boiled it,   to eat it with garri and loads of milk….  and sugar….. especially when you know you are lactose intolerant!

Yours truly fell foul of the law of commonsense.. and did all the above… As expected, the turbulence hit during the day.. cue squirming, frequent strolls to let bombshells fly off with reckless abandon in the more secluded regions of the work place, plus the occasional guided missile.. a well timed, low level release. Thankfully there was no presentation today or else Naija boy for mess up big time!

Anyways, the lesson was learned – avoid beans and garri and milk during the week – period. Irrespective of how much the stomach is pining for it….