What not to do on a Monday night..

This is ‘fiction’….

What not to do on a Monday night is to boil beans….. and having boiled it,   to eat it with garri and loads of milk….  and sugar….. especially when you know you are lactose intolerant!

Yours truly fell foul of the law of commonsense.. and did all the above… As expected, the turbulence hit during the day.. cue squirming, frequent strolls to let bombshells fly off with reckless abandon in the more secluded regions of the work place, plus the occasional guided missile.. a well timed, low level release. Thankfully there was no presentation today or else Naija boy for mess up big time!

Anyways, the lesson was learned – avoid beans and garri and milk during the week – period. Irrespective of how much the stomach is pining for it….

28 thoughts on “What not to do on a Monday night..

  1. How come I have this strong feeling that you chose to "go for gold" when you read Simeone's tweet about him cooking beans?lol
    Turning your self to farting machine at work!!!!*shudders*


  2. Yikes…! I so hate those days. My unforgettable moment was having to leave an examination hall because I had to go look for a loo! And it wasn't funny at all. My friend had warned me against cooking and eating beans on the morning of what I considered a lovely paper! but I was too far gone to listen. Never again! lol!


  3. @simeone — yelz o.. very valid lesson… we learn from other's mistakes…
    @Tatababe — yelz now..
    @fantasy queen — that's the story.. and i'm sticking to it..
    @Spesh — Yup — I'm sticking with the official story o..


  4. @RepressedOne — lol.. this is the truth o…. Make I carry finger touch tongue?
    @Myne Whitman — lol.. we could say that i guess….
    @AJ — lol.. you know how we do naw! Your vanishing is 'criminal' o!
    @Kabi — Errr.. thank you very much.. I also know what it does to others
    @Neefemi — lol.. #just saying..


  5. @SHE/Harry — yes o.. a lesson in time saves yawa…
    @toyin — loool… defo tops this one…
    @Kafo — lol… the spirit was strong.. but the flesh was weak… that was why..
    @No Limit — LOL.. i dunno o.. all i know is i overhead some truly hilarious fiction… 🙂
    @just doyin — lol.. lesson learned..


  6. @jhazmyn — lol.. see bad belle o… norrin do me o..
    @Rose — yup..
    @Rita — err.. fiction is the official party line… that's all i'm prepared to say o….
    @Sugarking – Yelz o – my broda.. no be small sumthin' o
    @Olaoluwatomi — lol.. no comments…haba
    @Enkay — lol.. you know!
    @fragilelooks — hmm.. i dunno o…. lol

    Thanks peeps – Get yourselves a fab weekend!


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