Missing Parts

For the Sunday Muse prompt #80 and Wordle 428. Image source.

I carry a heavy silence
in my missing parts, each breath
a prayer for resolve to fight
the desire to resign myself
to the ache of a festering disgust
spawned by the echoes of a lie
borne up on the winds from the hills
into the valley’s depths.

Outside a crisis looms –
our house of cards built
up brick by brick with the things
we want to believe slowly yields
to the probing of the truth,
until in the way things really are
I find myself covered, whole again.

2 thoughts on “Missing Parts

  1. That first line is powerful and really draws you into this poem A.J., I love this. We really can lose our self in the bitterness and lies that can be in our lives when we deal with a house of cards. A stunning and wise poem!

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  2. Yes, powerful, and wise poem. There were times in my life I tore myself apart with trying to be the me others wanted. I lied to myself, presented the lie to others,…Age has given me the grace to trust any changes I need will come from my desire to change, not to accommodate the demands of others. Glad I stopped by to read your poem today.


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