Day 17 – Talk to Three Strangers

Day 17 of the Better Man in 30 days challenge – Talk to three strangers.

One of the more difficult challenges for me, given spontaneity and friendliness are not exactly my forte. Just about pulled through though I think

  • Ran into a (relatively) new (Nigerian) start in the building I work at whilst on my way out to grab lunch from M&S. A quick search in the people directory – and a dive into LinkedIn – turned up an interesting factoid – even though his current job description is as far away form it as it possibly can be, his first degree is in Materials and Metallurgy.
  • Chatted up the sales attendant at M&S whilst she was running my items though the scanner. The lunch time shift can be draining given it is as much of a revolving door/capacity optimisation exercise as there can be. I swear her eyes lit up when I asked how her day was (I might have imagined  it only though).
  • Blew over an hour on a good natter with the office mates, something I’ve not done a lot of lately given all the (far more) serious things that have been on my mind lately..Totally claiming this as in my humble opinion it fulfils the spirit of the challenge 🙂

Another one I should work a tad harder towards improving on..

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