In women, or the lack thereof of…
L who proved a bridge too far. In retrospect we were much too different, and there were loads of warning signs.
O with whom I had the ‘you’re a great guy but convo…
Si for whom I popped into town just before she conveniently picked up a stomach bug, and bailed on me
F who I’d had a crush on, on and off for three years and counting, but with whom the stars never aligned…
Tee who handed me my second friend zone convo of the year
Somewhere in between I swore off the dream to snag the all Nigerian chic.. Or not… 2014 may yet shed more light on this.

In Books…
Quite a few, most notable being…
Quiet – Susan Cain
Networking for Those Who Hate Networking – Devora Zack
The Practice of His Presence – Brother Lawrence
The Outsider – Albert Camus
And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini
The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy
A small list no thanks to all the reading I had to do for work 😦

In Work…
Made CEng
Passed the ASME Level 2 exam
Deferred my NACE exam.. A great excuse for heading out to Houston in 2014 if ever one was needed.
Was head hunted for a role in the Caucasus.
Promoted with a significant pay rise in my current role as a reward for turning that down.

In bucket list items…
Read my fourth Booker.
Was head hunted for a job that paid above 100k pa gross
Lost 15 kg, big bonus was being able to fit into my size 34 jeans from 2008 again 🙂

In Travel
Nigeria twice
London four times and more
Did my first Hillsong Europe conference since 2010

In Apps…
Wunderlist – revolutionised my Task Management practice, and provided much needed focus on a few key tasks through the second half of the year, adding recurring tasks and sorting out the battery hogging problems made it even more useful
Evernote – made note taking and link curation a blast. Still haven’t maximised its utility but I suspect I just may make a few more steps along that path in 2014
DayOne – Made the practice of Journaling front and centre for me, again in the latter part of the Year.. Loving it. Momento made pooling my Social Media activity (FB, Twitter, Blog feed and Instagram mainly) a cinch.. Top marks.
The Kindle App came in handy for catching up on books amidst all the activity I was sucked into during the year – pity the IT folk at work messed up the Chrome settings, impacting my ability to use the Kindle Cloud Reader.
Calorie and activity management depended heavily on my Fitbit flex/One (pity the strap on the Fitbit flex was terrible) and My Fitness Pal. Definitely looking to keep both through 2014

In Summary
There.. Or thereabouts…