Decisions, again

I turned down another job offer, opting to stay with the safer option (yet again). The first time it was to a competitor in my city, this time it was back to Nigeria, and a return to UX5 where I cut my teeth and learned the bulk of everything I know. There were  a number of issues – a few powerful interests stacked up against me courtesy of toes I’d stepped on in the past, and the fact that I’d seen all that and done that before. The key sticking point was that the pay on offer was ridiculous – clearly designed to price me out of accepting (plus rumour has it that on of the lead engineers on the project had a candidate)..

Their loss, I reckon… My two year itch still remains – only it will probably be tickled elswhere, just not in Nigeria.

Crunch Time

Big, potentially career defining, decisions to make..

  • The safer option – stick with my current job for the next three years and decide what the next steps after that will be:  The pros – stay in a truly professional work place where my skills are appreciated, working for a boss whose ar*se I don’t  have to kiss, remain in an environment that allows me complete my progression to Chartered Engineer status. The cons – sky high taxes, an increasingly hostile host population, remaining in a section of my field I’ve spent the last six years –  and some –  working in and a government that seems intent on playing to the gallery on the immigration debate.
  • The other option – damn the consequences and return to the job I left in Nigeria: The pros – a company with a world class reputation, a niche of my field I’m actually keener to go into, lower taxes, the organised bedlam that is Lagos and loads of gorgeous Nigerian women around. The cons – going into work everyday on the other side of the fence from people I once worked with (and the attendant putdowns I am bound to get), the Nigerian factor (kissing bosses asses, and all), potentially one year’s assured work and then a decision to make, proximity to the Mum and her ‘harassment’,

Between the devil and the blue sea.. or….. Sigh.