Simple Things…

Sometimes simple things can break you. Benign things repeated time and time again can finally reach a threshold that leaves a scar – scratch marks burned on the wall of ones consciousness like ravines gouged out of hard rock by the persistence of a swollen river. It is not an inherent danger of the act, but its repetition that finally wears one out.

I have been carrying a beeping device around. Every thirty minutes a faint beep sounds – a precursor to the inflation of a cuff around my arm – and then I must stretch my hand out for one more data point to be acquired. At first it was novelty and I tried to anticipate when the next beep might sound. But with each beep and straightening of the arm,a certain weariness descends. I want out of the control the little device has over me. Sadly, the only choice I had was in accepting..The consequence was chosen for me at the same time.

The cycle of life

Age, chronological or otherwise, slowly creeps up on us. Once upon a time we were a tiny cell, birthed by the fusion of gametes which then morph into a tiny organism. With time, we grow bigger and then get birthed – being thrust out into the hardened world called life. We age: grow bigger, develop facial hair, deepened voices, broader chests.. and then the gray hair… leading to the inevitable slide towards old age and death… ..a self-perpetuating cycle.

Damn! Time has flown by.. I need to wake up to the harsh reality and start demonstrating the seriousness age demands..

Exam fever..

Against my better judgement, I went back to school for a dose of ‘adult’ education, after nearly six years of slaving for the capitalists working. Its exam time and I am not finding it funny. Hours on end of swotting, tons of material to store in my head and a few non academic thoughts running through my head. There is also the minor distraction of Football Manager on my laptop… Thanks to radio, I have music for comfort through the night. Thankful for minor miracles after all….