2010 – The Plan

Last year was about a laundry list – 20 things I wanted to get sorted by year’s end. I did Ok.. Never got to learn french and missed out on the distinction..This year I want to have focus areas – key directions in which my energies will be focused.

  1. Career: Manage my transition to a new job/ new city; target getting confirmed on the job and a raise by year end.
  2. God and Faith: Get back into the regular church thing – sort out my niggling God issues.
  3. Weight and Health: Get a full physical exam – for info – and shed the excess weight sharp-ish.
  4. Love and Loving: End my girl hiatus; actively get back into the meeting and friendship scene again.

One more, which doesn’t count as a specific goal I think, but which is needed nonetheless, is to toughen up. I fear for the past few years I have grown too soft, more altruistic than is necessary. 2010 is my year.. of living dangerously..

2009 was a year to forget – almost. Thankfully there was an upturn at the end of the year… Hopefully 2010 is a lot better! Oh and that this blog is a wee bit less sorrowful too 🙂

New Starts..

I thought long and hard about the ramifications, but I accepted nonetheless – I agreed to bring forward my start date by 60 days. Truth is the only other option was more sleeping, eating and waking – a totally quotidian experience.

The first day is January the 4th; for the first time in a long while I have to dress formally to work. Its totally against the grain of me – the lost, non-conformist son. The alternatives are not exactly great. I would rather have to wear a shirt and tie to work than to file away products in coveralls. For that I am thankful.