The life plan…

Distilled into three main components:

  1. Be the best husband, father, brother, son and friend I can be;
  2. Excel in (Corrosion, Materials and Welding) Engineering;
  3. Live in, and contribute to life in, a great church and a great city.

Not quite as simple as it sounds, but tiny first steps are all that count, no?

Taking charge

My sister, the doctor, says I am morbidly obese. That is as brutal as they come. When I have looked at myself in the mirror, I have rationalised my size by looking at other people, or by blaming the mirror for being too convex. The harsh cold truth though is that I am at my heaviest ever. Whilst I can count to a plethora of reasons why, the fact remains that my current weight is a health risk.

This little tiff with my sister  – coupled with the seeming rise in age related illness around me –  has rubbed me the wrong way; and I do need, if only to prove a point to her, to loose a lot of the flab. The strategy is time worn of course – eat less and exercise more. So my personal plan is this:

  • Control potion sizes – eat half of what I would normally eat
  • Walk a lot – My new house is ideally situated, in walking distance from a lot of the places I go to daily. I intend to walk everywhere, and only use the bus if required
  • Cut out the fizzy drinks – cokes, colas etc should be eliminated form the diet all together – diet or not
  • Have a morning run. I intend to do a morning run each day, going from my house down Seaforth road, around the stadium and then back home.
  • Have a weekly weigh in.
  • Attempt to track total number of miles I walk/ run each week and plot this against final weight each week

Hopefully, with this regime, I can start showing some weight loss… Sigh.

For the record, my current weight is 118kg on a 5′-10″ frame.

#30daysofTruth: Day 2 – Something I love about myself..

Something I love about myself – This was always going to be one of the harder posts to pull off. I’m naturally hard on myself and am often self deprecating – false modesty – as someone once said.

If there’s one thing I like about myself, its my ability to discretize a problem – to massage a problem till its broken down to its simplest building blocks. It’s useful at work where I often have to come up with solutions to complex problems, and sometimes with people – when I need to understand them. There are downsides, but this is one ability I’ll not trade for anything else. 🙂

The bird in hand…………… Worth two in the bush?

They say a bird in hand ‘is worth two in the bush’… But where do we draw the line between being content with what is in hand versus craving the potential two in the bush……

Sometimes I fear I have a death wish – an inordinate attraction for the eccentric and the esoteric – to the detriment of the normal and available.. When I was younger, I chalked it down to an insatiable curiosity; that essential criterion for a life of continuous learning. Now though, I fear it runs deeper than that, maybe it is a desire to be unconventional, or a longing for the adventure that comes with the risk, or plain old restlessness.. I don’t know anymore….