#NaPoWriMo18: Day 4, What It Is

For the Day 4 Prompt, a challenge to describe an abstraction with concrete nouns. Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

What it is is something smouldering
A tiny reed, slowly taking flame
That perchance with time might
Burst into a raging flame

What it is is a call and response
A place remembered and returned to
In a season of despair

In its light one sees
the self in all its glory
warts and all,
and learns the painful truth
that one is human too

NaPoWriMo Day 13 – Questions in Thirteen…

Does it pop and fizz,
And crackle like a log flame
Entrancing the mind?

Does it arrive like
Dawn, sweep away the dark night
Promise a new start?

Does it intoxicate
Like the aroma of sweet wine,
Bringing delirious Joy?

Or is it there in the
Quietness of steady habits
Neither loud nor brash?

Oh that some sage could tell.

NaPoWriMo Day 4 – Love



I have your name etched
on my skin, its lines and curves
and slants edged in rich, deep black.
I carry your face
in my memory, nestled
like a flash of bright white light
saves the sameness of a
dark spring night.

Your name is a call
and echo, one that I murmur
like the repeating melody
of a descant; the twang of
a bow’s string reverberating
in the stillness of the valley air,
the thud of an arrow steered unerringly
as it rips into a doe’s ribcage.

Between here and there is a
road to nowhere, to build they say
one must first tear down,
For life, a Dying first.

For the NaPoWriMo Day 4 prompt; a poem about Love or Lovelessness that doesn’t include the word LOVE itself. 


I have been wondering if people still ‘fall’ in love? Can a guy and a girl meet, develop sparks from the get go and experience a connection like none other? Me the cynic is convinced it is all about  doing the sums, weighing the pros and the cons, and deciding what ‘makes sense’ – not some visceral, emotional reaction. I wish I knew though, I really want to be swept off my feet by someone, be blown away by an emotional connection…. Somehow I know that will never be me, I will remain Me, the cynical pragmatist…

Drifting apart..

BG called me today. There is clearly a drifting apart here. The bulk of her talk was based on the rash of people who’ve ended relationships in the last few weeks, including a number of close mutual friends.  My cousin Ella thinks there are self esteem issues involved here and that I needed to reassure her of my 100% commitment.
She and I are drifting apart… I just know.. Sigh.. 😦