Day 16 – Create a Budget…. and catching up

Fell behind on the  Better Man in 30 days challenge thanks to a quick trip down south to sort out passport issues amongst other things. Methinks I’ve largely caught up now.

Day 9 – Take a woman on a date: Caught up with J at at the Rodozio Rico over the weekend. No selfies were allowed, this will have to suffice as proof.

Day 14 – Write a letter to your father: A bit of a mixed bag here really given the fact that age and time have mellowed the quite strong views I held to in the past. Doesn’t help that like me he’s not really an emotionally engaged person. Loads to be thankful for but quite a few areas we could have done better at. Fingers crossed going forward I guess

Day 15 – Make a meal: Not my greatest culinary effort ever but I’m blaming having to rustle up dinner at 11.45pm for this. The seared haddock and brocolli did taste grand, if I say so myself 🙂

Day 16 – Create a budget:  Created one at the beginning of the year. Updated it today to better reflect a few changes in goals going forward.