Spare me some nostalgia…

I think things tend to look either worse off or better off in retrospect.. There must be a technical term for that – like nostalgia bias, or retrospection bias or warreva… (Help me out one of you psychologists)… Bottom line is i think when we look back at the past, we either think its much better than it actually was, or much worse…. I just had such a moment.. Thankfully, Me the pragmatist won – eventually….. Blame insomnia, the wacky DJ over at Capital FM, and nostalgia….


TGIF… I get to stay awake till the wee hours of the morning without thinking about any repercussions!

The last bout of insomnia I have struggled with yielded dividends today. A solution that popped up duirng one of those nights sailed through at work today! And in a funny way, I am kinda sad that the insomnia faded significantly.. I miss the late night/ wee hours of the morning pleasure I had for a week 😦

Not every thing ‘bad’ is bad after all then.

Me, Insomniac

Hi, My name is theOOhj and I am an insomniac… And I have been this way for all of three years!

My friend agony aunt Titi asked me if it was physiological or psychological…..100% gibberish… plenty grammar.. All I know is that I can’t sleep…. and when I do manage to sleep I dream.. of different things.. people.. places…. events… and of her….. the one who chose to fade to black…. her voice is still etched in my mind’s ear like the striations of a fatigue crack.. and I am left with the questions.. the could haves, the would haves and the should haves…..Each day, I remind myself that it is over… dead… that we are done……but……

How can you forget what you always hear?

Not pining.. Just saying…

Moments like these, when insomnia induced by deep thought strikes, are when the harsh reality of the things we try to suppress often come to the fore. The overwhelming desire of my heart and my hand is to pick up my phone and call long distance. But my head – ever pragmatic – intervenes, short circuiting the commands and forcing me to think.

I wonder if she remembers me, or if indeed there is someone else making her laugh, hearing all her foibles and making her giggle at pointless jokes and wise cracks into the wee hours of the morning.

The curious case of my not so idiopathic insomnia and two memes


Its almost 2am and I can’t sleep… Some dude got me mightily worked up this evening and my vexation almost  knew no bounds.. That prompted me to spew my shortlived rant, which I’ve thankfully deleted.  Sowwrry for over exciting you over nothing. I’m over it now anyways…Since I am awake, I might as well do these memes that have been hanging over my head for a whiles now.. First off Naijababe tagged me in February and then both Tigress and Poeticallytinted tagged me with the honest scrap award fairly recently. Since Naijababe’s list is lonnger than 10 items, i will take that as a neccesary and sufficient condition to claim the honesty award! Here goes…

I have unilaterally decided not to tag anyone.. Cos all these memes are sthng else! Errr… the first seven people to read are tagged!

Where’s ur cell phone? – On my table
Where’s ur significant other? – Dunno? Missing? Still looking – Take yr pick!
Your hair colour? – Kwashiokor brown from eating too much sphagetti and too little beans!
Your mother? – Asleep of course!
Your father? -Ditto
Your favorite things:  My HTC TYTN II
Your dream last night? Too serious to dream
Your dream goal? Pipeline Technical Authority at an oil major by 2015
The room you’re in? The absurdly tiny campus room that costs more than my my entire house in 9ja. Mscheeew
Your hobby? Football Manager on my lappie, Shakespeare and stalking blogs
Where u wanna be in six years? Houston, Texas or Calgary, Alberta
Where were you last night? In my bed of course!
What you’re not? Snobbish
One of your wish list items: A certified akara maker!
Where you grew up? Somewhere in the jungles of the NigerDelta
Last thing you did? : Send an email
What are you wearing? –Errr u don’t want to know.. Trust me..
Your pet: None.
Your computer? Dell Inspirion D620
Your mood: Sober, Slightly pensive
Your car? Sold
Something you’re not wearing? A facecap
Favorite store? Primark — Cheap I know.. but functional…
Your summer? Dunno
Love someone? I think so…
Your favorite colour? Sky blue — of the Manchester City football club home strip ilk and Red – YNWA
Last time you laughed? Over lunch
Last time you cried? 12 March 2009, before then sometime in 2003
Are you a bitch? Obviously doesn’t apply
Favorite pastime: Shakespeare + a tall glass of milk + a pack of tortilla chips – heavenly
Hater or lover: Depends on the context
Genuine or fake: Genuine — Typically
Any vices? – Caring too much abt peoples feeling to my own detriment sometimes
Pro life or wire hanger: Depends on the context!
Mccain or Obama: Err.. any of them on the PDP platform?
Pro-plastic or natural: Dunno.. Update (due to popular demand) ne pas être dans de nombreuses situations où j’ai eu à choisir
Dream job? Chilling on my yatch somewhere in the Carribean

As I have already done the 25 things and the 2 truths 1  lie memes I’ll just leave it at that….