Of Nigerian Wives

Based on data extracted from this Nairaland thread.

I was bored at work so I took the liberty of trying to create an infographic from the pros and cons (for women) on the list. I shrunk the pros and cons into twenty one categories and gave each ethnicity a ‘+1’ where it was a pro, a ‘0’ where they were not assessed and a ‘-1’ where that category was marked as a con. The ‘pros’ have been condensed into a fraction measuring the potential returns on investing in a Nigerian woman, whilst the ‘cons’ have similarly been aggregated to give a measure of how ‘high maintenance’ a Nigerian woman can be. The size of the bubble is a measure of the chikability (how likely it is that a bloke’s toastings will gell).

A few things stood out:

  • Ibo women represent a particularly poor choice of mate (high maintenance, low potential return, low probability of success when ‘chiked’)
  • The Efik woman’s extremely low maintenance requirements make her an outstanding choice, if you are willing to share a shaving stick;
  • Edo women offer the best potential return, if you can live with a 98.75% chance of dying before her;
  • The term ‘data’ is used very loosely here;
  • Nothing on here is meant to be taken seriously.


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