Crossroads, Again

A job offer – The right role, for more than the right pay in the wrong location, and not just the wrong location but one that will most certainly draw a line under my life as I have known it for the last four years.

A girl –  The right girl by all accounts, whom I have known/ crushed on for the better part of three years with whom the context has never been right.


Canada: The country after my heart, thanks to stumbling on a description of the low population, arctic in Kurt Koch’s demons and Demonology. Problem is the relatively high entry cost for me – uprooting myself from my life of the last three years, loss of income and the costs of chasing further studies required to break into that part of the world.

A girl: The girl I think I like enough to, in the words of Clay Christensen, devote my life to making happy; and who has only just moved to Aberdeen and is adamant she’s got a two year plan before she buggers off to Nigeria.

Australia: The future, land of opportunities and growth in oil and gas, and one which has popped up fairly regularly in my conversation lately both at work and with trusted knowledgeable others. Plus side is I can progress permanent residence without leaving the UK.

The Dream role: Back in Operations support as a Corrosion & materials engineer for an oil and gas producer with a reputation for great work, opportunities, international exposure and great remuneration.

The problem:  Finding a means to meld these disparate directions into a coherent whole, or at least find the optimum solution to the problems!



Unfinished business

In a few days time, I shall pack my bags and head across the Atlantic one more time. The driver is some unfinished business from 2009. There was the small matter of a conundrum  which developed in April of 2009. The ladies in question were F and my ‘nearly girls’ TheB and S.

Over the course of that year F and I would finally put ourselves out of the misery of our forced dalliance, for good. ‘S would turn to me as a husband finder, and TheB and I would drift apart for no real reason.

I took her vanishing pretty badly, as she was one of the few women – alongside MG and EJ who totally got me. It was a full year before I could bring myself to give her a call. And when I did, it all came back, hurts and all. All we had was an uneasy truce – the odd phone call here and there, and the walls we had built up. In between, there was EJ, and the breakup, and life coming back full circle. There’s unfinished business there, this bloke needs to understand where we derailed in 2009. Hopefully, as a minimum there will be lessons to be learned…and a Third Day concert to attend.