#90 – Persevering..

#90 - eddie the eagle

We saw Eddie the Eagle today – after much planning, to-ing and fro-ing as has become the norm with us – as did a couple of people I know from work and church.. Cue a few awkward silences and dodgy moments where I wondered how much information to share as part of the customary introductions, given one of the work guys is the head honcho and this fluid undefined phase we are in… 

As for the movie, it was good, the substantially modified version on display doing enough to sell itself as a tale of triumph against all odds and redemption. I suspect it is one I might watch again, once it is out on iTunes or on DVD.. To the underdog then!!! .


#88 – Happy Place

#88 - happy place - conversations

Over-priced perhaps but this  is very quickly becoming my Happy Place where I pause briefly before heading into the bedlam of work…


#85 – Easter Sunday 

From the Hillsong social media campaign to get people thinking about the wider import of Easter, allied to the clocks moving forward an hour overnight… 

#CrossEqualsLove #HelloSpring 

#84 – Airports..

#84 - airport - waiting

Surely I am not alone in thinking that sometimes waiting in an airport with far too much time on one’s hand can often be the most stark reminder of aloneness…

#82- Killing Time…

Waiting for O to appear, twenty minutes after I arrive even though she had a seven minute heads up… I guess I’ll chalk that up as a learning experience…


#81 – Winning

#80- Magpie Tales

For Mag 309:

In the set of her shoulders
and the glint in her eye-
is the quiet reassurance
of certitude; and of knowing.

That as certain as after day comes night,
And with the wind comes chill,
She wins…

In the end.