tbt - chicago

Chicago, 2011

Once upon a time I was the unobtrusive, nerdy kid stuck somewhere between the second row and fifth, until I discovered books and the wildly exhilarating worlds I could slip into whenever I wanted.

These days materials – particularly ferrous metals – and how they perform in a variety of service environments, tickle my fancy, keep me out of harm’s way and more importantly allow me to travel, splurge on books and catch the odd show at the theatre.

In between, I learned there was a pretty cool side to being INTJ, and that once in a while a girl comes along who digs opera, loves to cogitate on a wide variety of issues and is not afraid to engage in mental sparring on a slow Sunday afternoon (whether they stay or not is a whole different subject, one on which I ramble on about on here quite a fair bit you’ll find).

On here, I ramble about reflect on the simple, everyday bread and butter – the Quotidian Things –  a single newly married, thirty something year old, Nigerian-born aspiring global citizen comes across: lostness, faith, love (chasing, finding, losing and what not), work, culture clashes and a burgeoning keg (which is my lot instead of the six-pack I have craved all my life).

Don’t be shy. Get in touch here, on Twitter, Good Reads or on Instagram. Oh – I am trying Soundcloud out too and slowly getting into this running thing.