For The Sunday Muse prompt #122: ** We have carried our bodies to a far country, the weight of the burden of the duty of sons driving us like a ship heave-hoing in a stormy gale to the place where our kin were brought before. Each day we toil amongst the living to save the … Continue reading Prodigality

53 – Prodigality

  Photo by Josiel Miranda from Pexels, for The Sunday Muse prompt #53 *** You have wandered through the wilds, labouring in the shadows of seven hills through caverns carved by seven rivers to a far place, a distant country. Hurtful words tossed into the wind hang like a broken shroud flapping in the wind, heavy with intention, … Continue reading 53 – Prodigality


Hi, I’m AJ, a Corrosion and Materials Engineer (hence TheRustGeek), Recovering (Spiritual)Prodigal, Enneagram 5/ INTJ and Liverpool FC fan, in no particular order. Day job apart, I find myself increasingly fascinated by complex systems and risk and also how data science and analytics tools can be deployed successfully in the asset integrity management space which … Continue reading Welcome