Before You Call Me By This Name

For The Sunday Muse Prompt #186:


Before you call me by this name
and shrink the sum of all my days
down to this facade, this still-life
of sepia pixels flickering like daylight
disappearing before the force of dusk;

Before you place the burdens of
history around my neck, till
it begins to break beneath the weight
of expectation, you must know
that this name is one of a myriad,
each bequeathed by the ones
who came before, a prayer
that we might see, the small lights
in our being.

9 thoughts on “Before You Call Me By This Name

  1. Awesome composition. The past is heavily hung the future dares to see the light at the end if the tunnel
    Happy Sunday AJ


  2. I feel the strength of “the ones that came before”, who were weighted down with expectation – my generation being one of them – till they/we stood up and shook it off. I love the wish ” that we might see the small lights in our being”……….very cool.


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