For The Sunday Muse prompt #120,Β  and B who in (wo)manfully wrestling pain to a standstill reminds us to hope again…

Remember, in
the failing light
of falling night,
when the weight
of the world feels
like a thing around
your neck, that
we see you, proud
against the night-
feet planted firmly
in the mushy earth,
in the maelstrom.
Like the North Star
sometimes hidden,
sometimes peering out
from behind the clouds,
a beacon showing home
we see you and believe

10 thoughts on “Weight

  1. I like writing of fighting against the “the weight of the world.” You did well in showing the fight, not necessarily winning but things were better than they first seemed.
    BTW, I was an Aerospace Engineer with our U.S. Airforce and NASA for seventeen years before I switched fields to teacg.

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  2. The moon always lightens the burdens I hang from my neck. I should commune with her more often. Beautiful writing


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