For The Sunday Muse Prompt #116. Image “Seeing Black & White” photography by  Susie Clevenger

Yesterday’s ghouls
are slowly disappearing,
fading like the night light
once bright but now dappled,
wisps of grey carried away
in our slipstream,
lingering like the dust
a knight’s steed leaves
in the frenzy of flight.

But the promise is a mirage,
objects in a mirror
are closer than they appear
and though we run
as though the wind bears us,
yesterday’s shadow lurks
in the space between
the things we leave
and the things that

7 thoughts on “Disappearing

  1. There’s this song by Tim Linghaus in his rather obscure album, Memory Sketches, named You in My Rear-View Mirror. Rather, it closes the album, since another track mid-point is named Me in Your Rear-View Mirror (Boys Don’t Cry).
    But the former track always gives me a haunting but innervating sensation. It’s that “shadow” lurking, “in the space between”, the interstices of things. It’s hard for us to gauge how much of us is left in the inbetweeness, but I’d like to think, in Art, we can recover some of it.

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  2. I pocked up on the search for a mirage. I’ve always liked the thought of one but really never looked for one. That might be a good research project while I’m stuck hiding from the COVID-19.

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