NaPoWriMo 2020 – Day 3: Live Anyway..

For Day 3 of National Poetry Writing Month. Today’s prompt is to make a list of ten words, and use Rhymezone to build a bank of words for use in a poem.. Here goes.

Without a care
the sparrow flits
between the trees
oblivious of the need
to fret for bread
or bed but returns
each day to its nest,
its place of rest
from the coming
and the going –
from first light
to the gloaming –
and the cycling
of the seasons
as they decay;
birth and death,
being and becoming.

The heart bears
the weight of anxiety,
the pressure
of the need
to sate the thirsts
of the body
and the soul
for touch
and for knowing
and the gnawing pain
of failing and falling
and doubting.

In the end
we trade the caul
first for a shawl
and then the shroud
of dissolution.
So live anyway.

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