For The Sunday Muse Prompt, #61. Photo Artistry by Erik Johansson Master Photo-manipulation Artist.

Slat by slat,
dab by dab this
dream in grey is
being remade into
a sea of blue, its
quiescent skin stretched
tight like a canvas
between the present and
the past where the sky
meets the earth’s lie.
Each slat was once alive,
each cell once bursting
with the pressure of rich
water, drawn by breathing;
air and sunlight entwined
in a dance whose beat
is borne in the body,
from seed to fruit
to seed by rebirthing.
Now this dream of grey,
frozen still, is reawakening
each dab of colour returning
life to where it once was.


  1. Edwin Rigg · June 26, 2019

    A very interesting take and nicely done.


  2. Vicki · June 26, 2019

    A lovely take on the prompt.


  3. Carrie V. H. · June 26, 2019

    Each slat has come alive, I love that. This is wonderful A,J. We all need to be reawakened and revivied with a dream like this!


  4. purplepeninportland · June 27, 2019

    Wonderful and unique take on this! I also love the slats coming alive.


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